Friday, September 21, 2007

Viva La France - SU-Louisville Game Predictions

As we do every week, T3I bring you our weekly predictions for the upcoming Syracuse football game. No need to waste any time, let's get right to it.


Bonjour mon amis! T31 takes you on a history lesson today. June 14, 1940: The German Blitzkrieg rolls into Paris. Ripping through the French countryside in record time, the Wermacht celebrated complete victory over France on June 22, 1940 when the French officially waived the white flag. As a quick aside, they really should adopt the white flag as their official flag.

Never in modern history had such complete dominance been witnessed on the field of battle. The "hot knife through butter" simile rang true as Panzer divisions squashed the "opposition." That brings us to September 22, 2007. Charles De Gaulle meet Greg Robinson. Daryl Gross meet Paul Reynaud. Meanwhile, the Blitzkrieg rolls this

Les Cardinales Rouges: 63 L'Orange: 3

Fear not Orange fans, we can learn from history....June 6, 1944.


I know that Grob and his boys haven’t exactly given the SU faithful much reason for optimism. In fact, lately I have been going into games just hoping not to be embarrassed. And with Louisville coming off a last-minute loss to Kentucky last weekend, one could anticipate the Cards venting a bit of frustration at our expense. However, after sorting through the JavaScript that GRobot has been cranking out this week, I think this SU squad is going to come out inspired, focused, and flying all over the field. Spearheaded by the solid play of our pass defense, ranked 38th in the nation (sometimes stats lie, sometimes they don’t), and a breakout performance from Taj Smith, I think the Orange will be able to keep this one relatively close…

Louisville 61 Syracuse 15

Call me an idiot…yes, a fool…no.


Lets face the facts - upsets happen in college football all the time. Week one this year gave us Appalachian State and their historic upset of Michigan. Louisville, the team that SU plays tomorrow, was stung last week by Kentucky. Even our own beloved Orangemen have history on their side - anyone remember Syracuse v. Nebraska? I sure do, it was a historic moment in the program's history.

While Louisville isn't as good as Nebraska was back then, this game has a lot of similarities. Back then, SU's coach was a gray haired guy in his 50s, who had struggled early in his tenure, making fans uneasy. The opponent, a high ranked team with an extremely explosive offense, was favored by a wide margin. Well guess what folks, this is the week we relive history - and that history is Syracuse-Nebraska............1983, when the Huskers beat the cuse 63-7. Expect Louisville to put the same score up on the orange tomorrow.

Louisville 63 Syracuse 7

If you are going to watch the game, here are a couple of items to watch which may make things interesting after the score gets out of hand. Can Louisville top any of theses records -

Most rushing yards(game): 275 Anthony Allen against Middle Tenn State
Most passing yards(game): 592 Chris Redman against East Carolina
Most receiving yards(game): 214 Ibn Green against East Carolina


Jeph said...

Sixteen seconds into the game and the 'Cuse score a touchdown. Does that mean they wont score for the next 3.9 quarters? Here's hoping you're wrong, haha

MariusJanulisForThree said...

Even in defeat, Brohm almost broke the passing record.