Thursday, October 18, 2007

Adding pages

You know you've really left your mark on the sporting world when your name becomes part of the sports lexicon. Occasionally you'll hear an athlete referred to as the "Babe Ruth of their sport."

Athlete's names can also be translated into everyday catch-phrases. Ocean's 13 offered us the "Billy Martin."

Some other examples:

Earnest Byner: For use when one of your buddies really drops the ball. Ex: "You forgot your ID to get in? Nice one Byner!"

Pulling a Norman: For use with an extreme choke job. Ex: "Those '07 Mets really pulled a Norman this year."

Don Mattingly: We love Donnie Baseball, but watch where you go fellas when nature calls. Ex: "Hey keep an eye out for me, I really have to go but I don't want to do a Mattingly." Note: not to be confused with the much more serious "Gary Miller."

With that in mind, T3I offers up these possibilities:

  • "Man did the pilot in that plane crash pull a GROB or what?"
  • "I have no idea what that professor's lecture was about. He talked totally GROB."

The Daryl Gross

  • "Nepotism, schmepotism. I've got the perfect plan, I'm just going to pull a Daryl Gross and hire my girlfriend anyways."
  • "The mechanic keeps saying that funny sound in the engine will get better.....somehow I think he's trying to Gross me."


Nick Loucks said...

What's worse, losing to Buffalo, or WORRYING about beating Buffalo?

Russianator said...

That my friend, is an excellent question.........