Monday, October 22, 2007

Breaking News - Eagles Get Robinson-itis

The diagnosis is in, and it's not pretty. My Philadelphia Eagles, a team I have loved since I went to Philly at age 3 to see my great grandma and the Liberty Bell, have officially been diagnosed with Robinson-itis.

The symptoms - a losing record, press conferences where many words are spoken, but few things are actually said, and an inability to understand what is wrong. In other words, the entire team DOES NOT KNOW what is wrong.

In the above article by John Smallwood, the phrase made famous by Greg Robinson, I don't know, is said by Andy Reid, Reggie "Good Hands" Brown, and Brian Westbrook.

This diseases is serious, there is no known cure, and it can kill your football team. At this very moment a forensic team has been sent to Philadelphia to see how it was transmitted from Central New York to Southeastern Pennsylvania, but at this point it may be too late and I am doubtful the Eagles will pull through.


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