Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Crabtown woes

While the national NFL media has been busy fondling the Patriots and Colts, has anyone noticed the most disappointing start of any team in the AFC?

It belongs to the Baltimore Ravens and their asshole of a coach Brian Billick. A coach who has done less with more than anybody in recent memory (of course its possible my memory has been slightly affected by an egregious amount of alcohol over the years), and is the real offensive coordinator for the Ravens. This past weekend, down 5 and facing a 2nd and 1 late in the fourth quarter at midfield, he called 3 straight passing plays (this is with Kyle Boller at QB, not Tom Brady – and against the 2nd worst defense in the NFL) all of them incomplete, which spurred the Ravens to another disgraceful loss, this one at Buffalo, or Toronto, whatever.

In typical Billick fashion, he took no responsibility for the loss and instead conducted his own ask and answer session after the loss. I effing hate it when coaches attempt to usurp the postgame grilling after a loss, especially jerks like Billick, whose smug quotient is immeasurable. That makes three embarrassing losses for the former Super Bowl contenders and yet another shell in the crabcake for Ravens fans...and that is something no amount of Old Bay can fix.


Anthony said...

Hey, don't discredit a feisty Buffalo Bills team. And do not forget "Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!"

Anthony said...

Do not discredit a feisty Buffalo Bills team. And always, always remember the immortal words of Chris Berman "Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!"