Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Da Bulls

We're less than 3 days away gang from the Battle of the Thruway. Here come the Big Bad UB Bulls. This type of rivalry game must be exactly what Doctor Daryl Gross envisioned when coming to Syracuse. With that in mind, T31 presents some Bull Stuff:

  • Bull Durham, the movie: Thumbs down. I always thought it was overrated. Major League (on DVD, not edited TV) blows this movie away.

  • Bull from Night Court: Thumbs down. The weakest link of the original "Must See TV" lineup on NBC. Cosby Show, Family Ties, and that was good TV. Night Court stunk.

  • Red Bull: Big thumbs up. Mmmmmm, red bull.

  • Raging Bull: Thumbs up. One of the greatest sports movies of all time.

  • USF Bulls: Thumbs up. This team could really be playing for the BCS Title. Wow.

  • Chicago Bulls Intro: Thumbs sideways. Was never a big fan of those 90's Bulls teams, however their intro was kind of cool.

  • Mechanical bull: Thumbs down, but take a shot next time you're at Daisy Dukes in the Square.

  • Syracuse Raging Bulls: Thumbs.......I really don't know what to make of this. Remember the Syracuse Soldiers? Syracuse Smash? Exactly.

Hey when your program stinks as bad as ours, you'll find anything to write about.


MariusJanulisForThree said...

That's Raging Bullz! Don't take that "z" away from them.

Russianator said...

As far as Bull Durham goes, you have to admit, watching Tim Robbins throw like a an uncoordinated chick when he was supposed to be able to bring it in the high 90s - now that's just funny