Monday, October 22, 2007

Repeated Kicks to the Groin

If you could care less about the Eagles, skip down to Champ's post game analysis of GRob speak, it's a weekly must read in my idiotic opinion.

In the last season and a half, the Philadelphia Eagles have lost 5 games on the last play, or nearly the last play of the game. This includes a loss last season when the Giants completed a 35 yard pass for a TD in overtime, a game where Tampa kicker Matt Bryant made a 62 yard field goal, and yesterday's debacle, which resulted in giving up a 97 yard touchdown drive with 2 minutes on the clock to Brian Freaking Griese.

At some point you have to start asking why - and there has to be some blame assigned. Andy Reid resurrected a dead football team, for that, I'm eternally grateful. The Eagles have consistently been in the mix for a title every year this decade, with the exception of 2005. However, they have never made it over the hump, never won a Superbowl and lost 3 NFC Championship games under his tenure.

The past two years, we have seen a startling amount of WTF losses and this year in particular, his coaching and personnel management (he has responsibility for both) has been. Whether it was failing to help Winston Justice against the Giants, failing to have a true punt returner on the roster against the Packers, the unbalanced pass to run ratio he stubbornly sticks too, or the failure to get help in the draft to bolster an aging secondary, it has cost the Eagles wins this year.

The question for Eagle fans is a tough one. What to do? If you fire him, you have to be careful what you wish for - Reid has blown a lot of games, but for every Reid there's a Rich Kotite or Cam Cameron (more on him later) lurking around the corner. Just as we have seen at SU, it's a risky proposition, the road from mediocre to embarrassing is much shorter than you think.

Personally I think you bust Reid down, take away final say over personnel and get him to focus more on football. With all the family distractions he's had, it is clear that there's too much on his plate, and it shows in the results on the field.

Reid needs to focus solely on coaching this team and let others worry about the rest. Having one man responsible for being the head coach and general manager rarely works in the NFL, it's simply too much to do. Ask Mike Holmgren, Reid's mentor and colleague, the Seahawks took those duties away from him and the next thing you know, they were in the SuperBowl.

Phil Sheridan of the Philadelphia Inquirer said yesterday's loss killed the season, and he may be right. The real question is, how do you prevent the next season, and the season after that from being killed as well?

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Nick Loucks said...

Great questions... The common theme of all those tough losses was coaching...

Took the foot off the pedal vs NYG last year... Passed too much against Tampa and put them in a hole... I can't pin this this Bears game on Reid though...

But I think you got the right idea. Let him focus on one task and have good "Sidekick" types help out on the fringe. Marty Morninwheg called the plays last year and it worked well - why not let him do it again?