Wednesday, October 24, 2007

She's dressed in yellow...

Fellow idiot Russianator will recall many a trip through the lay-up line during pregame warmups with the lyrics of Young MC blaring over the PA system. Well, other than a random Celebrity Fit Club appearance, not much has been heard from the man who told advised one and all to "don't just stand there...bust a move!"

It's a slow time in the sports season, with baseball officially dead (thanks Yanks), and the adventures of GFraud and Doctor Daryl Gross ruining things on the Hill this fall, I turned to Young MC for inspiration.

What constitutes a one-hit wonder in the world of sports? I'm going with the working definition of "champions who should have been dynasties." Here goes:

1985 Chicago Bears: Domination personified. With (arguably) the greatest defense ever, and (arguably) the greatest running back of all time this was a team that should have run off three or four Super Bowl titles. A thrashing of the Patriots in Super Bowl XX was followed up by an 11-4 record and a divisional playoff loss to the Redskins. Buddy Ryan you were missed.

1984 Detroit Tigers: This team dominated MLB with a 104 win season which featured a 35-5 start to the season. They won the AL East by 15.5 games, back when only two divisions existed. Featuring an "in his prime" Jack Morris, Lou Whitaker, Alan Trammel and future MVP Kirk Gibson this team should have had another World Series title in them. Instead they fell to 3rd place in 1985 and wouldn't taste the posteason again until 1987.

1999 Rams: Remember the Greatest Show on Turf? Another team that should have squeezed out at least one more Super Bowl title. Of course they were two yards away from possibly not even getting one.

1995 Atlanta Braves: Where to begin with this one? Lots of opportunities to have added to their lone title. I bet they were distracted by Leo Mazzone's constant rocking back and forth.

1986 Mets: I'll be honest, I'm not crying any tears this team imploded. One of Little Champ's most hated teams growing up. Not a recipe for success: Dwight Gooden and cocaine, Sid Fernandez and cheeseburgers, and Bob Ojeda and electric hedge trimmers.

1989 A's: Not enough HGH to go around apparently in the late 80's.

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Russianator said...

Standing in the lay up line, listening to bad rap and waiting to get our brains beat in, good times, good times indeed