Friday, October 26, 2007


For those of you unfamiliar with the Idiots, I'd like to give you some background information . We are three educated, professional, down-to-earth guys who enjoy arguing with each other about stupid things-- usually sports related. We enjoy a legal beverage now and then, tasty pub fare, and watching football in our respective man caves. Basically we consider ourselves pretty ordinary, open-minded, accepting folks.

However, there is one character trait that absolutely boils our blood: smugness.

T3I has conducted a highly scientific poll (cough, cough, it's just us) to answer an important question in the world of sports; smug or not smug? We proudly present to you the T31 Smug-o-Meter.

How it works: Each idiot was provided with a list of personalities in the world of sports and given the opportunity to vote smug or not smug. Write-ins were also allowed. Results are as follows:

Smug Gottlieb Hall of Fame: three noses in the air (three unamimous yes votes), these are the Dr. Michael Mancinis of the sporting world. Their unparalleled smugness which makes all of us sick to our stomachs when we see these fools. Named after the Babe Ruth of Smugness. Officially smug. Members include:
  • Skip Bayless
  • Brian Billick
  • Mike Brey
  • Curt Schilling
  • Quinn Snyder
  • Steve Phillips
  • Jerry Jones
  • Phil Jackson
  • Jim Rome
  • Mike Francessa
  • Tony Stewart
  • Matt Leinhart
  • Tiki Barber

Smug: two noses in the air (two yes votes) Congratulations, T3I officially deems you smug:

  • Colin Cowhard (yes- Russianator, Champ)
  • Chris Fowler (yes- Russianator, Champ)
  • Isiah Thomas (yes- Boss, Russianator)
  • Keith Olberman (yes- Boss, Russianator)
  • Jeff Gordon (yes- Boss, Russianator)
  • Pete Carrol (yes- Boss, Champ)

Dash of Smug: one nose in the air. Exhibits occasional moments of smug, but gets a pass for now. Officially not smug, however: we will be watching you.

  • Bobby Valentine (yes- Champ)
  • Brady Quinn (yes- Champ)
  • Pat Riley (yes- Boss)
  • Tim McCarver (yes- Boss)
  • Chris Collinsworth (Boss write-in)
  • Troy Aikman (Boss write-in)
  • Joe Lunardi (Boss write-in)
  • Bob Huggins (Boss write-in)
  • Joe Buck (Russianator write-in)

Smug-free: zero noses in the air.

  • Woody Paige (generally mentioned as just plain stupid, not smug)
  • Rick Pitino (the Jimmy B connections helped)
  • Mel Kiper (he's grown on us)


Anonymous said...

So you include Mike Francess but exclude Bill Walton? That's plain unpatriotic.

- Pirro

Russianator said...

Come on - Walton isn't smug, a buffoon with a speech impediment, sure, but not really smug