Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wade Phillips - Behind the Mind of a Master

While I had been purposefully avoiding the Patriots-Cowboys hype fest that went on this Sunday, after hearing that Wade Phillips purposefully designed a game plan to make Tom Brady beat them (read that sentence again), I just couldn't help myself. First off, I hate the cowgirls - so screw you Dallas fans. It only took Wade 6 weeks to remind everyone why the Cowgirls will never win a Superbowl with him, and he confirmed it today when he DEFENDED his strategy to the Dallas media.

However incompetent he may be, he's also a kind man. After I contacted him, he was nice enough to send me his thoughts on his upcoming opponents, and the answers are so good, I feel the need to share, so I present you to - Wade's defensive game plans for the rest of the 2007 season.

Oct. 21 v. Vikings

The key to this game is Tavaris Jackson, if we take him away, we are in good shape. He's young and mobile, so we will most likely play 7 defensive backs in soft cover 3 schemes to take away the long ball and their explosive receivers. That Adrian Peterson guy - he's like Tom Brady, just a flash in the pan.

Oct 28 - Bye

The key at this juncture of the season is to keep your team sharp so we'll probably go full contact in pads all week - I'm even going to let the D tackle Romo in practice, he's looking a little soft right now.

Nov. 04 at the Eagles

Stopping Reggie Brown is the key - he's the guy that drops the balls and makes that team go. I'm also worried if Winston Justice gets in the game, that guy really knows how to fall down and get in people's way.

Nov. 11 at Giants

Tom Coughlin is always mad, and I don't know why. Tiki Barber is great, we'll be gunning for him - 8 guys in the box for sure. We'll leave single coverage on Shockey, he's got long hair like a hippie and everyone knows hippies can't play. They've also got a tall receiver, I can't pronounce his name, so I'm not gonna worry about things I can't pronounce.

Nov. 18 v Redskins

These guys don't scare me at all, I've already decided to make a photocopy of my ass, write the game plan on it and send it to Gibbs 3 days before this one kicks off. I hope the copier is fixed by then.....

Nov. 22 v. Jets

Who are the Jets? Are these the Titans? They changed their names? When did this happen? I just saw the Titans on TV this week.

Nov. 29 v Packers

They keep changing their running backs, obviously in an effort to confuse me - once I figure out who's starting, we'll stop em, I guar-ron-tee it. Favre hasn't impressed me this year.

Dec. 9 at Lions
Look, Jon Kitna talks to God, and I don't know about you, but down here in Texas, we don't mess with guys that talk to God. As a result, we won't even be tackling him - if God loves us, we can't lose. God won't love us if we tackle Kitna.

Dec. 16 v. Eagles

Andy Reid is a nice guy, he beat me in a cheeseburger eating contest last year dag gum it. We took away Reggie Brown once, he'll adjust - I heard their 3rd string RB Tony Hunt is good - we may look at some film of him.

Dec. 22 at Panthers

Now, if you have to ask who we're gunning for you're crazy - Vinny Testaverde was good when my dad was a coach, he's good now - and that's good enough for me.

Dec. 30 at Redskins

I'm taking this week off - me and the little lady are going to the Sizzler that night - we've got a coupon. We'll have things sewn up by then anyway.

T3I would like to thank Coach Phillips for sharing with us.


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