Thursday, October 18, 2007

What Grinds My Gears

Here's what's pissing me off today:

- "Leave [fill in the blank] Alone" videos. Enough already people - just F-ing stop it. The freak that did the "Leave Britney Alone" video deserves credit for at least being an original freak. That being said, I can also guarantee you the next time we'll hear about him is when TMZ reports on his arrest for blowing a guy in an LA alley 2 months from now. If you go on YouTube right now, search on the words 'leave alone,' you get back 23,300 hits. I don't want to see anymore leave Notre Dame, leave Charlie Weiss, or leave OJ alone videos. It's about as original as starting up a sports blog when there are already a million out there better than yours.........uh never mind, moving on.

- Enough with the "Will Donovan McNabb Be Traded to the Bears" storyline. Oooooh - how original. Let's see, the Bears need a quarterback, McNabb is from Chicago, and in quest to be eternally miserable, some of the media and people in Philly dislike the best quarterback to ever wear an Eagle uniform. Guess what, the trading deadline is over - we've got the whole off-season to beat this dead horse. Besides, who are the bears going to offer? Brian Urlacher and Lance Briggs are still removing Adrian Peterson's cleat marks from their heads.

- Anything coming out of the mouth of Dr. Gross lately. For a media hound, you'd think he'd be a little better dealing with the media.

- Rutgers. I hate the fact that I have to hate Rutgers, simply because that means they are relevant. Here's an idea, turn the football program around - I sat through some 70-14 ass poundings SU put on them in the dome, those days gone, but when we're relegated to complaining about them, that's just sad.

- The fact that every time Kobe Bryant rearranges the tubes of KY in his locker it's news. Memo to the Lakers - you had all off-season to trade him - instead you chose to bring this constant distraction into the season. Don't worry though, I'm sure Coby Karl is the missing piece of your championship puzzle - order the rings now.

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Nick Loucks said...

I'll tell you what bugs the hell out of me! That Syracuse fans have become such a big joke that we are complaining about Rutgers running the score up on US!