Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Gross Negligence

Frank OrdoƱez / The Post-Standard

And so the Good Dcctor has spoken. After a season of reaching my fill, reflecting on the past, and counting "I don't knows" I'm left with another season of the Greg Robinson experience.

The eyes of Orange Nation have turned to you Good Doctor. Upon his hire the Doc commented on his eye for coaching talent:

“I look for coaches who are the best in the business,” Gross says. “The first thing I look for is how great are they at teaching their subject matter. The most critical attribute for a coach is to be a great educator. It’s so important.”

I'll let those far more qualified than an idiot decide how well GRob has taught his subject matter over three years. This is now on your watch Daryl. You assured us our program was in "terrific shape" in 2004. Yet three years later you are "extremely disappointed."

I'm no doctor. Nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn last night....I am merely an idiot that would like to see some glimmer of hope for my beloved football team. Good luck Daryl; you've squeezed all of your eggs into your GRob basket.


Brown said...

Since the Countdown to the End of the G-Rob Era didn't work out so well, can we start a counter for all of his famous G-Robisms?

I propose that throughout next year's lonnggg season you keep a running total of all the "I don't know"s, the "going in the right direction"s, and any of the other inane go-to phrase he uses to slip out of the noose.

Russianator said...

Now that's a good idea and we just might have to do that.