Friday, November 30, 2007

He still has it.

The season is over. Doc Gross has spoken. Fear not Orange fans, because Greg Robinson was in mid-season form already with today's presser.

As the Russianator pointed out way back in September, we at T3I really enjoy the "I don't knows" the Wise One uses when explaining the latest debacle. Today's performance measured in at an impressive 5 IDK's.

For you scoring at home:

On how hard he had to fight to keep his job:
"That's a perception and I don't know that is the case."

On if he is comfortable with the bar (director of athletics) Dr. (Daryl) Gross has set for the team next year:

"I don't know about all of those things, but I know that we have to move forward."

On running back Curtis Brinkley's injury:

"When will he return? I don't know that either."

On if he is going to shake things up:
"With the way things are right now today, we need to shake some things up. What it is, I don't know."

On if the recruiting class will make an impact next season:

"In certain cases there are players who might be able to make an impact right away. To say there is this many guys, I don't know that."

And you were worried about next year?

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Russianator said...

KILLER. The I don't know count for 2008 is officially at 5.