Monday, November 19, 2007

Not Measuring Up

Evidence of Greg Robinson's failure as the Syracuse head coach is everywhere. Dave Rahme ticks off few telling statistics in his story today which focused on Robinson's future. Among the more damning statistics, his 7-27 overall record, which falls to 3-19 against BCS schools, and his 2-18 record against conference foes.

Compounding matters, it's not just the losses, but the lop sided nature of these affairs that has taken the life out of the Syracuse program and the fan base. If you can't compete in your own conference, you're going nowhere fast. I thought I would take a look at how Syracuse has done against in-conference foes, and how it compares to the rest of the conference - and the statistics are astounding, but not surprising.

The following is the average score for each team for in conference games only. All teams have played six games, with the exception of Pitt and West Virginia, who have played 5.

Average Score for Conference Games:

West Virginia - 33
Opponents - 18.4

Connecticut - 24.7
Opponents - 16.7

South Florida - 32
Opponents - 26.2

Cincinnati - 26.2
Opponents - 23.2

Rutgers 22.2
Opponents 25.7

Pittsburgh - 18.2
Opponents - 22.4

Louisville - 25.3
Opponents - 32.2

Syracuse - 16.7
Opponents - 36.5

A few notes, Syracuse has only scored more than 17 points on one occasion and has given up less than 30 one one occasion. Stunning.

As you can see, the rest of the conference is competitive with each other, even Louisville, which has had a terrible year (as evidenced by its loss to Syracuse) is only being outscored by less than 7 points a game, whereas the Cuse is AVERAGING losing by 20 a game.

Even with the array of excuses, from the plethora of injuries, to the lack of upper classmen that are contributing, he should be able to field a team that can at least keep games close. Obviously, this isn't the case and its time to move on, because Robinson simply isn't measuring up to his peers.

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Nick Loucks said...

Good number cruching. Very sobering. I find it hard to look at the football team's stats nowadays. There's countless ways we can plainly see we're a joke. Trying to watch the games on Saturday most paramount among them.