Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stop the clock.

Freeze the End of GRob countdown. Whispers are turning into chatter that the GRob experience will be continued by Doctor Daryl Gross for one more season. Donnie mentioned on Tuesday that he is of the opinion that the Good Doc is leaning towards continuing our agony one more year.

The Axeman joined in by advising us "not to get our hopes up" for saying good-bye to Greg.

We've even heard from a couple Friends of the Idiots who have echoed the same.

Which brings me to this-- it appears Daryl Gross is going "all-in" with Greg Robinson. After a season full of jersey retirements, midget KISS impersonators, and $100 season ticket packages, T3I will be particulary interested to see what sales job the Doc uses to convince Syracuse fans to head back in 2008.

Good luck Daryl, keep USC on speed dial.

1 comment:

Jason said...

is it worth another horrible season to get rid of the good Doctor as well? Hmmmm...