Monday, November 26, 2007

Survivorman's replacement?

“If anything will get you up in the morning its chewing on some cold squirrel bones.”--Les Stroud

For those who have seen the show you know that Les has a tremendous sense of humor while trying to endure weeklong survival challenges in treacherous locales. As a Syracuse fan whose endured a humorless (or is it humorous) season I’ll take the positive where I can find it. One thing that has been a bright spot in this otherwise despicable season has been the blogwork of the guys at Webb, Rahme, and Axeman have consistently delivered the news and their opinions on a daily basis. As a transplanted CNY’er in DC, a visit to their respective blogs, has helped quench my orange thirst throughout this year and it has continued at a high level as we wait for Dr. Spin’s announcement (any day now Darryl). Plus, reading a blog with a coffee and bagel in the office is far better way to start the day than snacking on a few squirrel bones(that’s an assumption on my part). Anyway if the announcement is what we all expect (and fear) then T3I thinks that Greg Robinson should replace Les as the host of the aforementioned survival show, because nobody should be able to survive under the conditions that this program is in now.


Champ said...

Great stuff BOSS. And for the record-- Survivorman kicks Man vs. Wild's butt.

Russianator said...

You guys are IDIOTS - Man v. Wild is 100 times better!