Monday, November 26, 2007

T3I Comment Awards

A post we had last week, The LVP Watch, ended up as a hot click on Sports Illustrated, so thousands upon thousands or readers stopped by to check out the blog and leave a few comments. Since there's a good chance most will never come back, and an even better chance that we'll never generate that many comments again, I thought I'd celebrate the occasion and hand out some Comment Awards.

Best Use of a Beavis and Butthead term goes to:

Anonymous - who left this winner - "Did you forget Kyle Bowler? And typical New Yorker comment about Boston. Syracuse sucks assmunch."

Assmunch - I love this term, I'm going to try and bring it back. Well done anonymous - although you might want to spell Kyle Boller's name correctly.

The Angriest Charger fan goes to:

A tie between Anonymous and Anonymous with these dueling gems:

1) "Yeah you're right....idiot....Merriman only racked up 17 sacks last year in 12 games....pretty tame. You can thank Ted Cottrell for the way Merriman is used this year. Cottrell should be added to the list for finding the only way to tame an otherwise awesome defense."

2) "you eastern bastards foregot the biggest Douche of them all, and that would be the San Diego Chargers front office,.. Norv Turner couldn't coach a pop warner team, let alone any NFL team. Letting Marty go was the biggest mistake this franchise made since drafting Ryan Leaf."

The first comment gets bonus points for using the term idiot, we're all about building the idiot brand around here, well done and thank you.

The second comment is funny because the commenter is mad they fired Marty, it's kind of like being mad that Paul Pasqualoni was fired after seeing just how bad his replacement has been......uh, we better just move on.

The most unoriginal comment goes to:

Anonymous: "You'r just mad because you drafted these guys in your fantasy league..douchebag"

Since I called Shawne Merriman a douchebag in the original post, there really wasn't much here to add. A 3 year old can parrot stuff back to you. Work harder Anonymous - I don't want to see Anonymous internet commenters get a bad name.

The most smug comment goes to:

Part Mule:
"Lame. Merriman's still a helluva player. Nice try, however weak."

Nice try to you you as well my friend, nice try indeed. Something tells me you wear mock turtlenecks and root for Mike Brey and Notre Dame.

Funniest comment goes to:

The Sports Hernia for this combo:

1) Alex Smith's needs to ditch the skintight sleeves and borrow Koy Detmer's mulch beard.
2) True story: After slamming a Jaeger bomb last night, I did the Merriman "lights out dance" and walked out without paying.

Read the Sports Hernia and laugh. I love that blog.

Funniest/Filthiest comment goes to:

Anonymous who said..."Winston Justice couldn't block a toddler in a big wheels coming around the corner. He gave me acid reflux after watching his performance on national television. After the game, I got a little horny and my main biznatch blocked my advances better than Justice could have. He does my main hoe. Literally."

The Award for smartest comment goes to:

A tie between Brad for rightfully pointing out how bad Fred Miller is, and everyone else who nominated Adam Archuleta, Rex Grossman, Tarvaris Jackson, and Jason David.

You people are correct, those guys all suck - I'd like to thank everyone for stopping by, even those who correctly ripped me for the grammatical error I had in one of the comments - I'm an F-ing Idiot people, don't waste your time correcting me, it doesn't do any good.

New LVP Watch tomorrow, unless Syracuse announces they will retain Greg Robinson, in which case I think I've got one epic rant left in me on that subject.


Jameson Fleming said...

I feel like this post should be nominated for Hot Clicks. That day I was going through Hot Clicks and was like Three Idiots on Sports? I've seen that before and then was like oh duh it's one of the 'Cuse blogs I have a link for on my blog. Great stuff, keep it up.

Russianator said...

Thanks man, I added you to the blog roll, sorry I didn't get yours up sooner, we are idiots after all.