Tuesday, November 6, 2007

That's a lot of Small Talk

Back in the day, one of the idiots favorite activities was to drink ourselves blind until 2 am (or 4 depending on the city), then hop in a cab and bombard the cab driver with ridiculous, and usually wildly inappropriate questions on our way home. Of course, that was the first thing that came into my head when I read Mike Waters' story about how Syracuse Junior College transfer Kristof Ongenaet's family TOOK A CAB from NYC to Syracuse last Saturday.

I can not imagine what taking a cab from NYC to Syracuse with two other people is like - but since the story doesn't include some key details, let's look at the most likely scenario.

* Total driving time - factoring in excessive speeding, means the drive was a minimum of 4 hours, probably closer to 5.

* Since they got the cab in NYC, odds are, unless they snagged a minivan, it was a Crown Victoria, which means it had large divider between the front and back seats to protect the driver. The result - VERY LITTLE LEG ROOM (and I know the Crown Vics are being phased out, but there are still a ton of them on the road).

* Ogngenaet is listed at 6'8", his father is a former professional basketball player, so I'm going to assume his mother and brother are pretty tall as well. If they were in a Crown Victoria, I hope they all practice yoga, because I can't imagine how three tall people could be crammed into one of those back seats for that amount of time and not had their legs go numb.

* Hopefully they chose their cabbie wisely, because a miscalculation could lead to a very smelly ride....

I've got to say, in all my years following SU, to take a cab from NYC to Syracuse to see their son play an exhibition game against a Division II team - that's dedication right there. Well done Ongenaet family, you Belgians sure are crazy bastards, and that's something T3I applaud.

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