Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Upon further review....

Maybe we at T3I have a been looking at this whole "GRob Lives" story all wrong. So let's start over and take the "glass is half full" approach. Things to look forward to in 2008:

Don't throw away that "GRob Must Go" banner just yet

Lots of legroom at the Dome

Witnessing Penn State fans turn the Dome into a home field advantage for Joe Pa. Hey, it's not often you get to see Syracuse play on the road in the Carrier Dome

Short concession lines

My odds of winning during the T-Shirt Toss will significantly increase

Another season of Dave Simms and ESPN Plus!!!!!

Return of GRob = Return of the GRob Press Conference

MAC revenge, bring on Akron

Betting on the Subway sub-race to pass the time

Anxiously awaiting the jersey retirement of Chad Elliot

My own personal beer vendor

Get your tickets now Cuse will be August before you know it.

1 comment:

Russianator said...

Good thing there's no lines at the beer vendor ' "alcohol, helping idiots endure SU football games since 2002"