Tuesday, November 20, 2007

You Might Not Want to Hear This

An Idiot thinks I'm important - I've hit an all time low

You might not want to hear this,but I'm going to say it anyway, because that's what I get paid to do - tell you the truth. (I actually get paid for something entirely different, but that's another story altogether). The Syracuse basketball team needs Josh Wright.

Now, don't get me wrong, like the rest of the nation I love Jonny Flynn, I think he might be the best point guard to set foot on campus sent Sherman Douglas, but with the injury to Andy Rautins, they are THIN in the back court. Scoop Jardine is an exciting young player, but right now, he's their only scholarship guard on the bench and as the season wears on they will need some experienced help in the back court and Wright is that guy.

Even with Coach Boeheim's penchant for using a short bench that gets shorter as the season wears on, SU will need another guy to handle the ball, spell Flynn and let Eric Devendorf do what he does best - score the ball, talk copious amounts of trash, and make sure that strip beard thing he wears is trimmed properly. As much as the thought scares you, who do you want trying to break Louisville's pressure in February - Jardine or Wright (and you can't answer neither).

The good news is that Mike Waters is reporting that Wright will be back with the team. If he comes back with a positive attitude and works hard, he's capable of giving the team 10 minutes a night off the bench, which is exactly what this team needs.


Brown said...

After the game, Boeheim said Wright's father had called him before the game to say that Josh was sick and at home.

In related news, Paul Harris will miss next week's game because he will be on a field trip to the planetarium.

Additionally, Eric Devendorf is suspended one game because he did not turn in his diorama, though he claims his dog consumed it.

babyboss4 said...

NIce Bry!

Nick Loucks said...

I'm with you on Wright. AS a starter, he's a joke. But as a bench guy, he is very capable of helping out in stretches. We cant have Flynn wearing down before March, and I don't quite need to see Scoop bringing the ball up yet.