Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

How are things at the North Pole? The weather can't be as bad as Central New York. I know it's late Santa, however I'm hoping you'll get this in time to know what I'd really like for Christmas this year.

Before I begin, I want you to know I've been a good boy this year. I renewed my Syracuse football season tickets in the spring and suffered through another tough season. Santa, noon games are really tough to tailgate for, but my crew managed to do it. So Santa, here's what I'm wishing for in 2008:

* a .500 or better record for the SU football team

* an NCAA tournament appearance for the hoops squad

* a Donte Green press conference announcing his return to SU for the 2008-09 season

* a 27th World Championship for the Yankees

* an Emmy award for the new American Gladiators, please Santa don't let this show stink

* the return of Tony Kornheiser to national radio

* the winning numbers for a Mega Millions drawing

* a late night talk show for Kige Ramsey

* new legislation outlawing the broadcast of poker on television

* a return of the McNabb era uniforms for the football team

* the disappearance of the duct tape uniforms the hoops team wears

* Mike Tranghese's resignation

* an agreement between Time Warner and the NFL: we'll show the NFL Network if you give us Sunday Ticket

* weekly Jim Mora Sr. press conferences during the NFL season, I don't care if he's not coaching, just give us the pressers

* a last second, Scott Norwood-esque defeat for the then undefeated Patriots in the Super Bowl--- now that would be funny

* a healthy Andy Rautins and Devo

* more get togethers with my fellow Idiots: Boss and Russianator

* Ed: The Complete Series DVD, get the elves on this Santa, please

* an eviction notice to Notre Dame from the Big East

Thank you Santa. I'll leave you some Dinosaur BBQ on Christmas Eve.




Axeman said...

So with you on Kornhesier. God I miss that show.

the captain said...

Dead on with the Kornhesier show, the man is radio gold RRRR.

A few other random wants from the Jolly fat man in red:

-A white and blue stripped rubber ball gag from the Adult World toy section.

-The opportunity to place said gag in Curt Schilling's big fat mouth.
( by the way curt, you arent even in the same class of pitcher as roger clemens, when they speak of clemens they compare him to Ryan. Who do they compare you to ?)

-Season tickets to the Wilkes Barre Scranton Pioneers Af2 Runners up 06/07.

-tickets to any Yanks game this year, gotta see the house that Ruth built one last time with the crew.

Have a good christmas idiots!

the captain