Monday, December 17, 2007

Devo redux

Boss and the Russianator have offered up their respective opinions on the Devo injury. Unfortunately this debate has been much more civil. I prefer listening to my two fellow idiots shouting at each other in a noisy bar with their favorite legal beverage in hand.

P-S blogger Donna Ditota noted that the injury to 8 Mile may result in playing time for walk-on Justin "JT" Thomas. Mike Watters informs us that it looks good for a Devo medical redshirt.

The Russianator points out just how thin the injury to Devo leaves us in the backcourt. Expect an extra Scoop of Jardine in the rotation with a dash of JT.

I am no fan of his overboard trash-talking. However there were times last season when the only fire on that team came from him. Get well Eric, and when is that new album coming out?

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Poncho Sinatra said...

How ironic Eminem and Devendorf are both from Michigan? They really thug the white boys up out there!