Monday, December 24, 2007

Is Miami Gross?

Some interesting news breaking over this Holiday weekend - apparently the University of Miami - commonly known as "the U" to many an athlete who attended but did not graduate from there - is considering Daryl Gross for its vacant athletic director position.

While we couldn't possibly speculate as to why (good luck selling court side seats down there Daryl) - in addition to the excellent take by TNIAAM above, what limited information that is available on the situation is here and here.

On a programming note, we probably won't have much up for the next few days, but later in the week we'll try and catch up - Christmas on a Tuesday, welcome to a logistical pain in the ass if you don't live in the town where you grew up. Enjoy the Holidays everyone.

1 comment:

Jameson said...

Gross should go to Miami and cut some programs. I think the number choice there from Gross's standpoint would be the baseball team. He's done "such a great job" here at Syracuse without a baseball, why should he need one at Miami. Oh how I don't like that man.