Sunday, December 30, 2007

Korver Traded - Sixers Web Site Unaware

Dude, We Were Traded

In ground breaking, earth shattering NBA news, the Philadelphia 76ers traded Ashton Kutcher look a like Kyle Korver to the Utah Jazz for Gordan Giricek. While this is an obvious move by Utah to bring yet another American born white guy to Utah (foreigners don't count in that state apparently) someone might want to tell the Sixers it's time to update their web site, since when you log on, EVERY SINGLE banner ad at the top of the site has a picture of Korver on it.

According to the new Sixers GM Ed Stefanski, the move was done to clear cap space (so they can over pay someone who sucks next summer). For a rational, thought out analysis of the trade, check out CuseAdelphia - and of course, the Sports Hernia weighs in as well, in true Sports Hernia style.

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Jameson said...

Yeah i thought eva said it best on our site, Stefanski has no record of drafting good players. So this draft pick could easily go to waste because he doesnt know how to scout players. Billy King's draft class might not actually be so bad. I really like Young and Smith.