Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SU-Colgate Observations

Syracuse flattened Colgate last night, full coverage from the Post Standard is available here. Basically, the Axeman nailed it on the head, there wasn't much you could learn from watching these two teams square off. While experienced, Colgate doesn't have, and never will have, the athletes needed to hang with Syracuse and that was evident again last night.

Here are a few of my observations, Champ and Boss may chime in with some later, but for now, you are stuck with me.

* Last night Jonny Flynn tried to force things a little more than we've seen in the past. One of the things I've liked about his game is how he takes what the defense gives him and last night that wasn't always the case. I don't see this as a cause for concern, you can chalk it up to a freshman knowing he could get by the defense at will and trying a little too hard to take advantage.

* I think the thing I like most about Arinze Onuaku are his soft hands. After four years of watching Mookie and T-Rob mangle half the passes that were attempted to them, it's great to see a big man catch everything in sight. He played another very solid game, although Colgate couldn't offer much of a defensive presence in the post. It will be interesting to see how he does in Big East play, but right now I'm optimistic.

* Speaking of big men, Rick Jackson passes the ball very well for a big man, especially a freshman and he's very good in the high post. The only thing that will hamper him as the season progresses is a lack of strength - the stronger he gets, the better he will get - because the basketball skills are there already.

* And speaking of strength - Sean Williams got his first game action last night, and the wingspan is as big as was promised. The kid can block shots without jumping, and probably tie his shoes without bending over. It's too bad he couldn't redshirt because I've seen bigger biceps on a supermodel. He's definitely a project, especially on the offensive end, I wouldn't expect much from him in conference play - other than a couple of blocks and five fouls per game if he's pressed into action. In a couple of years he could cause all sorts havoc on opposing teams defensively. He reminds of a rougher version Samuel Dalembert.

* I thought the zone was more active with Scoop Jardine in the starting line up - he gives more defensive effort and energy than Devo (can't argue with that part Boss). He was active out on the floor, which is exactly what he needs to bring every night. Offensively the jury is still out, but at least we know the kid will be out there busting his ass and hustling, which is a good thing.

* I'm glad to see Kristof Ongenaet settling down out there. He certainly hustles, even if he does look a bit lost at times. Maybe I've watched too much Seinfeld, but he still seems to a bit of a misfit with this team, right now he seems a bit like vegetable lasagna.

* Watch Donte Greene closely and appreciate what he does on the floor, he's not going to be around very long.

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Nick Loucks said...

good stuff here... WIsh I could have seen the game... And great call with Arinze's hands... He's the anti Etan Thomas, who I used to describe as having "hoof-hands".. or Kramer on Seinfeld would say "shoe-horn hands"