Monday, December 31, 2007

SU-Northeastern Observations - SCOOP

While Boss and I have debated just how badly the loss of Eric Devendorf will hurt the Syracuse basketball team, yesterday Scoop Jardine showed he's a player - and that's good for everyone.

Here are a few quick observations on yesterday's game, as always, Champ and Boss may weigh in as well.

* Obviously Jardine had a huge game, at this point he reminds me a little of Josh Pace, with better ball handling skills. He's shown he's adept at getting in the lane and finishing near the rim, and while right now the jumper doesn't appear too consistent (or pretty) he's not forcing things. He's also a better defender right now than Devendorf ever will be.

* Switching to man to man seemed to bring some new energy and intensity on the defensive end of the floor. With limited players available this season I have no problem with them playing a lot of zone, but it might be time to start out in man to get the energy levels up early.

* The Belgian Waffle hustles his ass off out there - he appears more comfortable every game and isn't afraid to mix it up down low, if he continues to play like he's been playing, he should be required to keep the bad haircut.

* I LOVE the fact that when Donte Greene wasn't getting the ball in the first half he didn't pout, instead he went to the offensive glass. All the tools are there, if he attacks the glass with regularity, watch out.

* 19 points and 15 boards for Paul Harris - that pretty much says it all right there. If this kid was 6'8" he'd be in the NBA right now.

* Matt Janning can shoot the ball, but other than that, it was tough to learn much from this game because frankly Northeastern isn't very good. They are young and play hard, in a year or two they might be able to get something going, but they aren't ready yet.

* Bring on the Big East.


Champ said...

Agree on Donte. We definetely need himt to step it up on the glass. Good to see him hitting the offensive rebounds.

Harris- what else can you say?

I get that Stevie Thompson/Josh Pace vibe from Scoop as well.

Conference time.

Jameson said...

I'm not gonna lie, Kristof is one Badass Belgian Waffle Baller.

Jameson said...

Yeah when we got on deadspin we got more hits in about three hours than we did in the previous five days that we were running. Thank you Will Leitch!