Friday, November 30, 2007

Uromysitisis is evil.

A few quick hits:

* 'Atta boy Jake, you really know how to pass the time on international flighs with Reese. The best 11 minutes of the trip.

* RIP to an American Original, Evil Knievel. Any man who has the onions to do this has our respect:

He still has it.

The season is over. Doc Gross has spoken. Fear not Orange fans, because Greg Robinson was in mid-season form already with today's presser.

As the Russianator pointed out way back in September, we at T3I really enjoy the "I don't knows" the Wise One uses when explaining the latest debacle. Today's performance measured in at an impressive 5 IDK's.

For you scoring at home:

On how hard he had to fight to keep his job:
"That's a perception and I don't know that is the case."

On if he is comfortable with the bar (director of athletics) Dr. (Daryl) Gross has set for the team next year:

"I don't know about all of those things, but I know that we have to move forward."

On running back Curtis Brinkley's injury:

"When will he return? I don't know that either."

On if he is going to shake things up:
"With the way things are right now today, we need to shake some things up. What it is, I don't know."

On if the recruiting class will make an impact next season:

"In certain cases there are players who might be able to make an impact right away. To say there is this many guys, I don't know that."

And you were worried about next year?

Because it's Friday

And I know you're killing time, staring at the clock and surfing the internet, here's something that's so bad it's pure gold. While I personally never liked wrestling (I'm already aware you don't believe that statement, so let's just move on) I was a little kid in the 80s and there were no bigger stars - so saddle up and and let's head over to the Land of 1,000 dances.

Thanks to Brian for finding this and pet rock for originally posting it.

New York Knicks Add Syracuse to Schedule

New York, NY - In an unusual scheduling move, sources have indicated that the New York Knicks have added Syracuse University to their schedule. The game will take place on December 15, replacing the road game the Knicks are scheduled to have against the New Jersey Nets.

After scoring 59 points last night against the Celtics, the unprecedented scheduling maneuver was seen as a last ditch effort by Coach and General Manager Isiah Thomas to play against a team the Knicks could actually break 60 against. In return, it fits in perfectly with Syracuse Athletic Director Dr. Daryl Gross' "Orange in the Apple," campaign and will build on his efforts to make Syracuse "New York's" team.

A source in the Knicks organization, who requested anonymity due to the fear of Thomas sexually harassing him, said the deal was in the works for the last 3 years, but only fell into place over the last two days. "When Syracuse gave up 59 points in one half to UMass on Wednesday and the very next night the Knicks could only score 59 in an entire game, that was really what finally got this deal done," the source said.

While NBA Commissioner David Stern has yet to grant final approval of the game, those close to him say that he's leaning towards approving it, with the rationale being that anything that will allow what was once one of the NBA's premier franchises to score more points than a girls high school basketball team is a good thing.

When reached for comment Gross was non-committal, but said, "I've known Isiah for some time and I admire the man's management skills. Obviously New York is important for us and important for Syracuse University, and it should be since it's so close. I mean its only takes 4o minutes to get there on a private jet, so NYC and Madison Square Garden really should be our home away from home. Playing the Knicks, if that were to happen, makes perfect sense."

Thomas was in no mood to talk after the thorough ass beating the Celtics administered and refused to directly address the issue, saying, "I've got other things to worry about right now, I've got trade offers from every team in the league and I need to go do some research. Hey, do you know if Penny Hardaway is still alive, I was thinking of bringing him back - I think he could help us."

The game would replace Syracuse's game that day against East Tennessee State, who in turn, would play against the Knicks scheduled opponent, the New Jersey Nets. Net officials are not concerned about a drop off in attendance, since recent polls show that most New Jersey residents believe they are already playing in Brooklyn.

Syracuse Coach Jim Boeheim was not pleased with the news, saying, "What??? I mean obviously the Knicks are overrated - but if we have to play NBA teams the rest of the year we won't win 10 games. Not 10. It's the most bullshit thing I've seen in 37 years of coaching. We can't guard anyone, we won't win 10 fucking games!"

Calls to the NCAA offices regarding approval were not returned.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Champ Top 10

I know this Top 10 may stink, but you've gotta love the Fran Tarkenton throwback jersey. Anyways, after mailing it in last week (blame the turkey) this idiot is back with his Top 10 for the week. Remember, only an idiot releases his rankings on a Thursday:

1. WEST VIRGINIA: This one has Big East bias written all over it. Deal with Mizzou.

2. Old Mizzou: How did this happen?

3. Ohio State: Columbus loves the fact the Big XII has a title game.

4. Georgia: Too little, too late for the Dawgs.

5. LSU: This Les Miles "we haven't lost in regulation story" is priceless. Les, happy house hunting.

6. Kansas: T3I are big fans of the Big Mangino. Mark, for your own health, please avoid these choices.

7. Oklahoma: Fight on Sooners, the entire state of Ohio is behind you.

8. Va Tech: BC-Va Tech ACC title game? I think I'll be busy researching my fantasy WNBA team that night.

9. Hawaii: Every Top 10 needs more WAC.

10. Syracuse Football Fans: You've suffered enough.

Champ's pick of the week: ASU -7 over Arizona.

" is the time to have some success."

CNY's favorite Doctor sat down with WSYR's Steve Infanti for a little DocTalk.

I learned of the "sophistication" of the decision making process to bring GRob back, along with Doc's hope for Orange Nation to more closely resemble the Golden Domers of South Bend.

Be sure to check out the not-so-ringing-endorsement of Greg at the end of this interview:


You've Got Questions - We've Got Answers

When You Think Defense, Only One Name Comes to Mind, Al Sokaitis

Question: What's wrong with the Syracuse Basketball team's defense?

Answer: It's perfect, except for everything. Here are a few thoughts.

When they go man to man, almost everyone is getting beat off the dribble. When they go zone, they are STILL getting beat off the dribble - generally with the other team's point guard splitting the two defenders up top. Once that happens, the zone is toast, because if you get to just below the foul line in the zone, you've got more options than a fat man at an all you can eat buffet.

In terms of personnel, Donte Greene would be considered a terrible defender on those Loyola Marymount teams of the late 80s and early 90s. Devo never played much D, and that hasn't changed so far. Paul Harris is small on the wing, so guys can shoot over him with ease, unless he clobbers them, which he did a few times last night.

However, what's really hurting them is that Arinze has turned out to be a pretty terrible defender so far. He's not much of a shot blocker, he doesn't get back down the floor quickly on defense (team wide problem) and he seems to lose track of his man on regular occasions. He's already a better offensive player than Mookie Watkins will ever be - but guess what, Watkins is pulling down an NBA pay check because he can move and block shots - he erased a lot of defensive problems last year that Arinze or Rick Jackson can not.

I would also like to see Coach Boeheim use the bench a little more - last night UMass got 54 minutes from its bench, SU's reserves played 15 minutes total. In a frenetic game like that, players can get a little tired.

I'm not pushing the panic button yet, all of these guys are oozing with talent and Boeheim didn't forget how to coach, so there's still time to correct the problems. Besides, if all else fails they can always break out the high school defense DVD by Coach Al Sokaitis.

An Idiot's Analysis of the Coaching Situation

So we know Greg Robinson is staying and we know that ultimately Darryl Gross made the call. I haven't gone through any of the media reports yet this morning, but after a night to reflect (and watch the SU hoop team play no D - more on that later) here is my speculation for why Gross kept him - and if you can't anonymously speculate on the internet, then what good is the medium really?

When the Good Doctor came to Syracuse, the football team was suffering from a bad cold. Sometimes the cold was really bad and the patient would suffer things like a 4-8 season, sometimes the cold receded to a mere case of the sniffles (6 or 7 wins). Gross had to decide how to treat this condition and his course of treatment turned out to be hiring Greg Robinson. Sadly this has nearly killed the patient. Now Gross is trying to figure out the best way to save the patient's life, and since he just treated a head cold with radical chemotherapy and the patient is near death, he knows he can't screw up again.

Simply put, I believe that Gross knows Robinson isn't a good head coach. Hell, he knows he isn't even a competent head coach, the appalling numbers, both on the field and at the ticket office speak loudly to that fact. He took a 6-6 team and promptly went 1-10 with them and it hasn't been much better since. Robinson's realistic ceiling, even with exceptional talent (which he doesn't have) is 5 or 6 wins, which is 5 or 6 wins below what Gross was talking about as a goal when he first showed up on campus 3 years ago. By any reasonable standard, firing Greg Robinson is justified.

In looking at how to fix the situation, Gross decided he couldn't risk making a bad situation worse. It's like when a doctor decides not to operate until the overall health of the patient improves - because surgery when a person is at their weakest point could kill them.

If Gross canned Greg Robinson and ended up hiring Greg Robinson Part II, that would kill the program and Gross' job, and that represented too big a risk for the Good Doctor to take. I believe he's decided to keep Robinson around another year, until the program his healthy enough to handle a major operation, and here's why:

* The cost to buy out the Robinson and the staff meant that whoever was brought in was virtually GUARANTEED to be there for the life of the contract.

* Convincing someone to come work for a guy who's fired 2 coaches in 3 calendar years is not an easy sell, so in addition to ponying up big bucks to get someone, that person would be getting a 5 year deal minimum.

* With 12 coaching vacancies to date (and more may be coming) the competition to land a good coach is stiff.

* For a variety of reasons, a lot of the guys coach P received commitments from in his last two years are not still with the team, leaving little depth in the upper classes. To essentially lose another recruiting class because of the firing would put the next guy, who Gross ABSOLUTELY NEEDS to succeed, in a terrible spot talent wise.

So given the financial considerations related to the buy out of Robinson, the possibility of having to buy out the contract of a new coach, the fact that Gross wasn't comfortable with who he could get to come here and what talent that person would have to work with, I believe he thought it was best to let Robinson stay here another year (and again, this is all just my opinion, I have no inside knowledge of any of it).

By keeping Robinson he gets another year he gets a smaller buy out in 2008, another full recruiting class, the perception in the football community that he gave Robinson a fair chance, and the opportunity next year to be in a better position to hire someone who is capable of true success. The question is, will anyone still be around to watch?

I could be wrong, but that's how I see it. I do have one suggestion for Dr. Gross for next year - figure out how to paint those aluminum benches in the dome - there's going to be a lot of empty ones glaring back at you.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Upon further review....

Maybe we at T3I have a been looking at this whole "GRob Lives" story all wrong. So let's start over and take the "glass is half full" approach. Things to look forward to in 2008:

Don't throw away that "GRob Must Go" banner just yet

Lots of legroom at the Dome

Witnessing Penn State fans turn the Dome into a home field advantage for Joe Pa. Hey, it's not often you get to see Syracuse play on the road in the Carrier Dome

Short concession lines

My odds of winning during the T-Shirt Toss will significantly increase

Another season of Dave Simms and ESPN Plus!!!!!

Return of GRob = Return of the GRob Press Conference

MAC revenge, bring on Akron

Betting on the Subway sub-race to pass the time

Anxiously awaiting the jersey retirement of Chad Elliot

My own personal beer vendor

Get your tickets now Cuse will be August before you know it.

Gross Negligence

Frank OrdoƱez / The Post-Standard

And so the Good Dcctor has spoken. After a season of reaching my fill, reflecting on the past, and counting "I don't knows" I'm left with another season of the Greg Robinson experience.

The eyes of Orange Nation have turned to you Good Doctor. Upon his hire the Doc commented on his eye for coaching talent:

“I look for coaches who are the best in the business,” Gross says. “The first thing I look for is how great are they at teaching their subject matter. The most critical attribute for a coach is to be a great educator. It’s so important.”

I'll let those far more qualified than an idiot decide how well GRob has taught his subject matter over three years. This is now on your watch Daryl. You assured us our program was in "terrific shape" in 2004. Yet three years later you are "extremely disappointed."

I'm no doctor. Nor did I stay in a Holiday Inn last night....I am merely an idiot that would like to see some glimmer of hope for my beloved football team. Good luck Daryl; you've squeezed all of your eggs into your GRob basket.

It's Official - Greg Robinson Keeps His Job

I'm sure all of us will have something to say on this in the near future, personally I need to duct tape my head back together after it just exploded, but Greg Robinson is back as the Syracuse football coach.

Here is the announcement from Donnie Webb - as well as from the Axeman.

The Sound of Silence

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence.

- Simon and Garfunkel

This is what the lack on any announcement from Syracuse University regarding the future of football coach Greg Robinson has reduced me to - quoting lyrics from Paul Simon and his song writing partner, the pot loving Art Garfunkel. If this goes on much longer and I end up having to quote Peter Paul and Mary, I swear heads will roll.

As we've written for days, all signs point to a Robinson return, and we heard from sources (yes, we actually have sources besides the other voices we hear in our brains) that keeping Robinson is a done deal and it may have been decided BEFORE the Cincinnati game. Of course, according to the Axeman, only about 15,000 actual people were in the Dome for that one, so an empty building is enough to make anyone rethink things.

I will say again that prolonging the decision does NO GOOD regardless of what will be done, but hey, what do I know, I'm an idiot.

With that being said - the Axeman has been great covering this issue, his latest post is a must read for anyone that cares about the program. Donnie Webb and Dave Rahme have done an excellent job as well. Syracuse fans are lucky to have these guys covering the team. As for the the rest of the paper - I'll get into that another time.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The LVP Watch

For my next trick, I'm going to make our play off chances disappear

It was a banner week for horrendous performances in the NFL. We saw terrible play from a variety of quarterbacks, missed field goals, fumbles in the end zone, fumbles near the goal line, a rash of interceptions and flat out retarded decisions on special teams. It makes sorting out who has the inside track on T3I Least Valuable Player in the NFL award no easy task, but its time to give it another shot.

Many thanks to all the great suggestions last week, if your guy didn't make it, it's no reflection on his incompetence, it just shows how much competition is out there. Of course, playing terrible usually results in a benching or getting injured, and we're trying to find guys that make their way onto the field every week.

Let's get to this week's list.

1. David Carr - Quarterback, Carolina Panthers. An easy choice, as he's been simply awful every time he's set foot on the field this year. He kicked it up a notch on Sunday, going 10-22 with 95 yards and 2 picks before being benched in favor of the artist known as "Matt Moore." Even though he was never very good in Houston, it's still a stunning collapse for the former number one draft pick. Before the season began, Carr was being viewed as a good insurance policy for Jake Delhomme - now Brian Baldinger is ripping him a new a-hole. Personally, I think it all went down hill for him once he went to the weird 1800s magician look he's been sporting this season.

2. Steve McNair/Kyle Boller - Quarterbacks, Baltimore Ravens. These two jokers have combined for 7 touchdown passes all year and the Ravens, who won 13 games a year ago, are 4-7. While this lost season isn't totally on them - Derrick Mason and Mark Clayton don't scare anyone and are both averaging under 10 yards per catch, some one has to take the blame, and we all know it won't be Brian Billick (he's a genius, just ask him). I would like to thank both Boller and McNair, because the Ravens awful season means we get to hear a lot less from Ray Lewis, and that's always a good thing.

3. Alex Barron - Tackle, St. Louis Rams. Barron has been a whipping boy all year for us and some of it is really unfair, since the Rams offensive line has been decimated by injuries. However, Marc Bulger got killed again on Sunday, suffering a concussion that knocked him out of the game - and where did the hit come from? Barron's side of course. While the coaches and Bulger did not blame Barron after the game, I will. He hasn't been good all year long. If Bulger is still in the game, Gus Frerotte doesn't get the chance to be Gus Frerotte and fumble away the snap - and the game - at the very end.

4. Eli Manning - Quarterback, NY Giants. Here's an interesting stat courtesy of Deadspin, in Sunday's Giants-Vikings game, Minnesota accumulated 129 yards and 1 TD off of completions by Tarvaris Jackson to various Vikings, meanwhile, they racked up 169 yards and 3 TDs off of completions Eli Manning threw to various Vikings. Jackson, a staple on this list, was smart enough to let Eli "Out-Tarvaris" him, so Eli gets a spot on the list. When you play worse than Tarvaris Jackson and you're both on the same field, you immediately get his spot on this list. Don't worry Giants fans, Peter King still believes in Eli - or at least he used to.

5. Todd Sauerbrun - Punter/Kicker, Denver Broncos. Let's see, Todd get into feuds with other kickers, gets busted for violating the league's substance abuse policy, and on Sunday he kicked to Devin Hester. Now, I don't care if Shanahan told him it was OK to kick the ball down the middle to the most dangerous return man on the planet, he's got to be smart enough to kick it away from him ANYWAY. To make matters worse, on one of the returns Sauerbrun attempted to get his fat ass in the way of Hester, only Hester changed directions suddenly (a concept completely foreign to Mr. Sauerbrun and punters in general) which resulted in Sauerbrun falling down without being touched, and Hester hurdling over him. Well done Todd, well done indeed.

Notes: No one from last week's list made it - Shaun Alexander and Alex Smith have not seen the field in a few weeks, Byron Leftwich is back on the pine, Cedric Benson was playing pretty well before before injuring his ankle, (which has now ended his season) and Shawne Merriman is actually a good player, even if he is a jack ass (have a sense of humor Charger fans).

Fred Robbins and Jason David both played on winning teams this week, Joey Harrington and Rex Grossman will always be strong candidates. Look for them, Tarvaris Jackson, and our guy Mr. Alexander to be in the mix every week.

Not That There's Anything Wrong With That

In what can only be a described as baffling, this story from the Boston Herald reports that Patriot fans were booing a Victoria's Secret model Sunday night during their home game against the Eagles.

The story notes that, "The crowd found her voice annoying. Another said that Selita had made some sort of geographical blunder early in her presentation that aggravated the masses."

All I know is that if Victoria's Secret super model is at your stadium for a PANTY PROMOTION and she's giving away FREE LINGERIE I don't care if she sounds like Fran Drescher and doesn't know what country she's in - she's a Victoria's Secret model God damn it! Shut the hell up, stare at her and try and snag some free stuff to keep your wife/girlfriend happy - that's it - that's your only job in that situation.

This booing incident tells me one thing, the collective crush New England has on Tom Brady has gone too far - not that there's anything wrong with that of course.

I'd like to thank Bryan for bringing this situation to our attention.

I Don't Know Mike Vadala, But I Don't Agree With Him

It's now Tuesday and the coaching carousel is in full swing, right now, at least 12 teams will have new head coaches next year, and some schools, like Texas Tech and maybe Mississippi have already filled their openings.

Yet Syracuse fans eagerly sit and wait - watching for the plume of smoke to come from administration officials, signaling whether they've made a decision on Greg Robinson's future. Today Donnie Webb runs a list of pro's and cons from reader Mike Vadala, who concludes that Robinson should be kept one more year. If you've read this blog more than once, you know T3I disagree with Mr. Vadala, there's no real sense in going over this list point by point, he's certainly entitled to his opinion. I actually credit Donnie for finding someone who supports the coach, that couldn't have been easy.

The real issue, as I wrote yesterday, is timing. While the general sentiment is that since there's been no announcement to date, Robinson gets another year, I can't help but feel like we are in a weird game of Jeopardy - where the fans are Alex Trebek, asking the question and eagerly awaiting an answer, and the Good Doctor is......oh, I don't know, maybe Sean Connery.......

Monday, November 26, 2007

Survivorman's replacement?

“If anything will get you up in the morning its chewing on some cold squirrel bones.”--Les Stroud

For those who have seen the show you know that Les has a tremendous sense of humor while trying to endure weeklong survival challenges in treacherous locales. As a Syracuse fan whose endured a humorless (or is it humorous) season I’ll take the positive where I can find it. One thing that has been a bright spot in this otherwise despicable season has been the blogwork of the guys at Webb, Rahme, and Axeman have consistently delivered the news and their opinions on a daily basis. As a transplanted CNY’er in DC, a visit to their respective blogs, has helped quench my orange thirst throughout this year and it has continued at a high level as we wait for Dr. Spin’s announcement (any day now Darryl). Plus, reading a blog with a coffee and bagel in the office is far better way to start the day than snacking on a few squirrel bones(that’s an assumption on my part). Anyway if the announcement is what we all expect (and fear) then T3I thinks that Greg Robinson should replace Les as the host of the aforementioned survival show, because nobody should be able to survive under the conditions that this program is in now.

T3I Comment Awards

A post we had last week, The LVP Watch, ended up as a hot click on Sports Illustrated, so thousands upon thousands or readers stopped by to check out the blog and leave a few comments. Since there's a good chance most will never come back, and an even better chance that we'll never generate that many comments again, I thought I'd celebrate the occasion and hand out some Comment Awards.

Best Use of a Beavis and Butthead term goes to:

Anonymous - who left this winner - "Did you forget Kyle Bowler? And typical New Yorker comment about Boston. Syracuse sucks assmunch."

Assmunch - I love this term, I'm going to try and bring it back. Well done anonymous - although you might want to spell Kyle Boller's name correctly.

The Angriest Charger fan goes to:

A tie between Anonymous and Anonymous with these dueling gems:

1) "Yeah you're right....idiot....Merriman only racked up 17 sacks last year in 12 games....pretty tame. You can thank Ted Cottrell for the way Merriman is used this year. Cottrell should be added to the list for finding the only way to tame an otherwise awesome defense."

2) "you eastern bastards foregot the biggest Douche of them all, and that would be the San Diego Chargers front office,.. Norv Turner couldn't coach a pop warner team, let alone any NFL team. Letting Marty go was the biggest mistake this franchise made since drafting Ryan Leaf."

The first comment gets bonus points for using the term idiot, we're all about building the idiot brand around here, well done and thank you.

The second comment is funny because the commenter is mad they fired Marty, it's kind of like being mad that Paul Pasqualoni was fired after seeing just how bad his replacement has been......uh, we better just move on.

The most unoriginal comment goes to:

Anonymous: "You'r just mad because you drafted these guys in your fantasy league..douchebag"

Since I called Shawne Merriman a douchebag in the original post, there really wasn't much here to add. A 3 year old can parrot stuff back to you. Work harder Anonymous - I don't want to see Anonymous internet commenters get a bad name.

The most smug comment goes to:

Part Mule:
"Lame. Merriman's still a helluva player. Nice try, however weak."

Nice try to you you as well my friend, nice try indeed. Something tells me you wear mock turtlenecks and root for Mike Brey and Notre Dame.

Funniest comment goes to:

The Sports Hernia for this combo:

1) Alex Smith's needs to ditch the skintight sleeves and borrow Koy Detmer's mulch beard.
2) True story: After slamming a Jaeger bomb last night, I did the Merriman "lights out dance" and walked out without paying.

Read the Sports Hernia and laugh. I love that blog.

Funniest/Filthiest comment goes to:

Anonymous who said..."Winston Justice couldn't block a toddler in a big wheels coming around the corner. He gave me acid reflux after watching his performance on national television. After the game, I got a little horny and my main biznatch blocked my advances better than Justice could have. He does my main hoe. Literally."

The Award for smartest comment goes to:

A tie between Brad for rightfully pointing out how bad Fred Miller is, and everyone else who nominated Adam Archuleta, Rex Grossman, Tarvaris Jackson, and Jason David.

You people are correct, those guys all suck - I'd like to thank everyone for stopping by, even those who correctly ripped me for the grammatical error I had in one of the comments - I'm an F-ing Idiot people, don't waste your time correcting me, it doesn't do any good.

New LVP Watch tomorrow, unless Syracuse announces they will retain Greg Robinson, in which case I think I've got one epic rant left in me on that subject.

This is Comfortable

It's Monday morning, the Syracuse football team ended its season almost 36 hours ago and there's still no word on the future of head coach Greg Robinson. While Donnie Webb and the Axeman seem to think the silence means he'll have the job at least another year and Dave Rahme says his future is unclear, it appears that he'll be sticking around to torment the fans for at least 12 more long, painful months.

Whatever is done, it needs to be done quickly. College football coaches are getting fired like Yankee managers in the mid 80s, if they are going to make a change, we've all seen how well waiting plays out - do it now. If they are going to keep him, bite the f-ing bullet and announce it to the world, and to the recruits they need to lock up.

Of course, this team can't even pick a color combo (they wore white at home Saturday night) so who knows how - or when a decision might occur. The University needs to be decisive on this, either decision is hurt by a prolonged delay.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Syracuse-Cincy - Win One for the G-Robber Predictions

Thank God the Syracuse football season is over - what was once a season of hope and promise is now a "lost season." I generally don't like Bud Poliquin, but give the man credit, his column today is dead on the money.

With that said, let's get to the predictions:


Amen to the end of the season. Right now the jokers on the SU hill are busy assembling the list of reasons to keep Greg Robinson around for another year…I know everyone is on the pins and needles waiting for Dr. Spin’s explanation. In the meantime I offer you this: Cincinnati’s Brian Kelly coached two different teams to winning records last year, Central Michigan and UC…in THREE years Greg Robinson-led SU teams have NOT defeated ONE team that finished its season with a winning record….not one.

One question remains…Tailgate through the game or not?

Cincinnati 37
Syracuse 10


For my outlook of the Cuse-Cincy game, I turn to the immortal words of Clubber Lang: "Prediction? Pain." At this point I feel like a survivor of the Bataan Death March, I just want the damn season to end.

Cincy: 44
Syracuse: 10

Bring on hoops


At this point I think the people running the show at Syracuse are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, sympathizing with the person that's holding them captive - Greg Robinson. 35 games in he hasn't demonstrated he knows how to coach, nothing changes this week.

Cincy: 36.5
Syracuse: 16.7

That's the average score of Big East games Syracuse has played in, I'm banking on G Rob to hit his average.

Friday, November 23, 2007

It's getting hotter in Morgantown.

The Neers are back in the national title hunt. Thanks to Darren McFadden's Superman imitation, LSU finds itself falling out of the top spot.
Things could get really interesting if the Missouri-Kansas winner were to lose in the Big XII title game. Would Ohio State find their way back into the national title game?
Fortunately for us Syracuse fans we don't have to worry about losing any sleep over issues like this.

Are They Who We Thought They Were?

We are nearing the conclusion of what has been a looooooong third season of Syracuse football under the direction of Greg Robinson. Given that the end is near, I thought I'd take a look back at the schedule and examine the teams that the mighty Orange have done battle with to see how their seasons are turning out and examine, in the words of the great Dennis Green, if they are who we thought they were.

The Washington Huskies

Record When They Played SU: 0-0
Record Since: 4-7

Who We Thought They Were: A team like Syracuse that was rebuilding under a new coach who was also entering his third season and starting a new, highly publicized quarterback for the first time. In short, we thought they'd be on fairly equal footing with Syracuse - except for the fact that they had to fly across the country and play in the loud, hot Carrier Dome in late August.

What Happened/What it Means: A Washington team that played arguably one of the hardest schedules in the country, yet ultimately turned out to be mildly disappointing, embarrassed SU on national television to the tune of 42-12. It was a precursor of the entire season.

The Iowa Hawkeyes

Record When They Played SU: 1-0
Record Since: 5-6

Who We Thought They Were: A perennial contender in the Big 10, a big physical team that would present a tough challenge for Syracuse. Also a team Syracuse lost in overtime to the season before.

What Happened/What it Means: The hawkeyes absolutely dominated Syracuse, shutting out the Orange 35-0 in what may have been the worst offensive performance of the Robinson era - which is kind of like being the biggest meal Mark Mangino has ever eaten. While this loss is understandable, the appalling aspect of it was the fact that Syracuse was totally dominated by team that ended up being mediocre in a mediocre Big 10. A 35 point loss to this team was a horrible showing to say the least.

The Illinois Fighting Illini

Record When They Played SU: 1-1
Record Since: 8-2

Who We Thought They Were: Another rebuilding team, a team Syracuse beat on their home field last year, a team with a head coach who had not proven much.

What Happened/What it Means: Illinois came into the Carrier Dome and dominated the Orange, winning 41-20. At the time it looked like another horrific loss, but it was actually a springboard to an unexpected, highly successful season for Ron Zook's team. It was also the second home game in a row that sent fans running for the exits far before the final whistle had blown - a hallmark of the Greg Robinson era.

The Louisville Cardinals

Record When They Played SU: 2-1
Record Since: 3-5

Who We Thought They Were: One of the best teams in the Big East and potentially one of the best teams in the country.

What Happened/What it Means: The Orange stunned the Cardinals 38-35 in what has been easily the biggest win in the Greg Robinson era. At the time fans, including this Idiot, thought it could be a turning point for the young SU team. The rest of the season would prove that Louisville was a vastly overrated team, and the only turn Syracuse would take after this game was down.

The Miami of Ohio Redhawks

Record When They Played SU: 1-3
Record Since: 5-2

Who We Thought They Were: A bad MAC team that SU beat by 20 points the year before and a team that was banged up and starting a 3rd string tailback.

What Happened/What it Means: In a game that most felt would be Syracuse's second win of the year, Miami of Ohio defeated the Orange 17-14. It was an extremely winnable game and ultimately a demoralizing loss for the fan base. The team came out flat and played uninspired, it told me all I needed to know about Greg Robinson as a head coach. On the flip side, like Illinois, Miami used the victory as a springboard to a successful year in the MAC. Well done Coach Shane Montgomery.

The West Virginia Mountaineers

Record When They Played SU: 4-1
Record Since: 5-0

Who We Thought They Were: The best team in the Big East and one of the nation's elite.

What Happened/What it Means: The Mountaineers, coming off a loss to South Florida for the second consecutive year, took Syracuse to the woodshed, 55-14 and the game wasn't even that close. Afterwards, Robinson talked about seeing seeing positives, I was there, all I saw was the demise of a once great rivalry. This team is not close to competing with WVA, and I fear it will be years before we reach that point again. Coach Ben is probably rolling over in his grave. Ultimately, West Virginia proved to be as good as advertised, and Syracuse proved to be as bad.

The Rutgers Scarlet Knights

Record When They Played SU: 3-2
Record Since: 4-2

Who We Thought They Were: An over hyped team that had fattened its record against a weak out of conference schedule and had lost its last 2 games to BCS teams.

What Happened/What it Means: Syracuse jumped out to a 14-0 lead, only to let Rutgers score the last 38 points of the game. Another embarrassing home loss to a team that Syracuse used to dominate. The failure to capitalize on a hot start lead to a quick collapse and an empty dome half way through the 4th quarter. Rutgers went on to prove they are a decent team by beating South Florida, but getting destroyed by WVA and UConn. Another example of a rival program flying by Syracuse.

The Buffalo Bulls

Record When They Played SU: 3-4
Record Since: 1-3

Who We Thought They Were: A MAC team that had only revived its football program in 1999, and although much improved, a team Syracuse should never, ever lose to.

What Happened/What it Means: In an empty Carrier Dome, Syracuse won 20-12. The game was not a thing of beauty, with Syracuse scoring just enough to win, and letting Buffalo's spread offense control the ball for long stretches of the game. It also marked an injury to Curtis Brinkley, and a strong debut by freshman running back Doug Hogue. The game, a must win if there ever was one, proved two things - Buffalo, under Coach Turner Gill is improving, while Syracuse has regressed to the point where the team split its two games against MAC teams this year.

The Pittsburgh Panthers

Record When They Played SU: 3-5
Record Since: 1-1

Who We Thought They Were: A great rival who was also struggling under the leadership of a long-time NFL coach, Dave Wannstedt. A team we should be able to beat.

What Happened/What it Means: Andrew Robinson plays the first half with a broken rib and the offensive line is truly offensive the whole game as Pitt squeaks out a 20-17 win. Cameron Dantley comes on and plays well in the second half for Syracuse, but too many breakdowns on the o-line keep the Orange from getting back in the win column. While Pitt and SU are in very similar situations, the big difference is that Pitt is not getting blown out of games with the same regularity as Syracuse. They also occasionally win games, a concept foreign to Coach Robinson.

The South Florida Bulls

Record When They Played SU: 6-3
Record Since: 2-0

Who We Thought They Were: The former number 2 team in the nation that had managed to lose 3 straight. In other words, they were good, but vulnerable.

What Happened/What it Means: Syracuse fumbled the opening kickoff and the rout was on. It was another beating that, if it was a boxing match, would have been stopped long before the final bell. Of course, the final bell for fans in the Carrier Dome came as soon as halftime for some. An empty building and an embarrassing loss was all the Orange had to show for the game. The fact that they lost to a better team isn't an issue as far as I'm concerned, the real issue is the margin of defeat and the huge gap in competitiveness between the teams. South Florida coach Jim Leavitt, when talking about injuries after the game, noted his team had suffered quite a few throughout the season, and that injuries are never an excuse. Amen.

The Connecticut Huskies

Record When They Played SU: 8-2
Record Since: 1-0

Who We Thought They Were: Another team, like Rutgers, that had fattened up on a weak out of conference schedule and a team that because of bad calls by referees, won games against Temple and Louisville they should have lost.

What Happened/What it Means: UConn, playing before a sell out crowd, defeats the Orange 30-7. Syracuse left many chances on the field and actually ran the ball successfully, but the outcome of the game was never in doubt. While UConn does not possess superior athletes, they do have a system that works, a belief in themselves, and a Coach in Syracuse Alum Randy Edsall that is getting results in a program short on tradition.

So there you have it cuse fans, a painful recap of a painful season, that mercifully ends tomorrow night. In the end, opponents like Washington and Iowa that blew out the orange proved to be worse losses than they originally looked to be on paper. Losses to teams like Illinois make more sense now than they did at the time, however the sad common theme is that Syracuse can lose to any team on any given day, and they usually do.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Stop the clock.

Freeze the End of GRob countdown. Whispers are turning into chatter that the GRob experience will be continued by Doctor Daryl Gross for one more season. Donnie mentioned on Tuesday that he is of the opinion that the Good Doc is leaning towards continuing our agony one more year.

The Axeman joined in by advising us "not to get our hopes up" for saying good-bye to Greg.

We've even heard from a couple Friends of the Idiots who have echoed the same.

Which brings me to this-- it appears Daryl Gross is going "all-in" with Greg Robinson. After a season full of jersey retirements, midget KISS impersonators, and $100 season ticket packages, T3I will be particulary interested to see what sales job the Doc uses to convince Syracuse fans to head back in 2008.

Good luck Daryl, keep USC on speed dial.

A Tour Around Cuse Nation

With Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician spending some time in New Jersey, I thought I'd take a quick tour around 'cuse nation and provide readers with some links:

* Syracuse takes on Ohio State tonight in the Garden - the Post Standard.

* Nick's 2 Cents has a preview of the game - Nick's 2 Cents.

* Cuse Country has their take on the game, and a promise for some Thanksgiving blogging, at least the turkey will help fight the $9 beer hangover - Cuse Country.

* The Cuse Chronicles has this sobering analysis of Syracuse football recruiting - the Cuse Chronicles.

*Donnie Webb offers some terrifying thoughts on the future of Greg Robinson (I couldn't even bring myself to write about this one) - and someone give the man some restaurant recommendations - Orange Football.

* However, the men over at Get Gross Out have decided to chime in on "the fairness doctrine," - do enjoy - Get Gross Out.

* Finally, I don't know if you caught this link, but somehow Sports Illustrated found us which is amazing and has lead to an explosion in traffic (which is much welcomed) and an explosion in people calling me an idiot (which is expected) - hot clicks.

* Have a great Thanksgiving people - if every single one of you doesn't eat and drink yourself into a coma tomorrow you have failed miserably - don't let me down.

Clips of the Week

Thanksgiving means two things - turkey and football - that's why it's the perfect holiday. Since we've got the turkey thing covered with the Les Nessman clip below, here's the football.

We've posted it before, but Syracuse fans, did you know that exactly 20 years ago today, SU beat West Virginia in the epic game in Carrier Dome? It seems like a million years ago now, so let's hop in the way back machine and remember the good times:

Bonus clips - Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of the Cal-Stanford play:

In keeping with the great play anniversary theme, 23 years ago this week, Doug Flutie did this (RIP Orange Bowl)

This play from 2006 is just fun, plus Stuart Scott is involved, which always takes the ludicrous level up about 10 notches:

And finally, for you peace loving fans of T3I, sorry, but here's a clip of some guys getting absolutely jacked up:

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"...I'm livin' on the air in Cincinnati"

Bring on the Bearcats. As noted, T3I has officially begun the End of GRob countdown. Cheer up Cuse fans, the end is in sight. Hoops is starting up and soon this agony of a season will be done. With that in mind, T3I presents all things Cincinnati, Bear and Cat:

WKRP in Cincinnati: Big thumbs up. Besides having one of the greatest TV themes of all-time, this classic from the 70's and 80's featured such strong characters as Dr. Johnny Fever, Les Nessman, and Herb Tarlek. It also fueled the Ginger-Mary Ann debate of the Reagan era: Jennifer or Bailey? Nothing says Happy Thanksgiving like a free turkey:

Cincinnati vs. Xavier: Thumbs up to one of the better lesser-known rivalries in college hoops.

Cincinnati Bengals: Thumbs down, although Ickey Woods does score points in our book for the shuffle. Those uni's are now hideous, the 80's version were actually tolerable.

Bearclaws: Thumbs up. Let's be honest, it's pretty tough to screw up breakfast pastries.

CAT: Thumbs up to this American original.

Kit-kat: Thumbs up. Extra points for the Big-Kat.

Big Red Machine: Thumbs up, just beacause I'd love to get Pete Rose and Johnny Bench in the same room together. Now that would be fun.

Care Bears:
Thumbs down to these products of the 1980's.

Kodiak Bears:
Thumbs down to any creature 10 feet tall and weighing 1500 lbs.

The Bad News Bears:
Thumbs up to the Walther Matheau original.

BJ and the Bear:
Thumbs down. Any guy who spends that much time with a chimp....well, there's issues there. "BJ" Greg Evigan would parlay this run into his successful stint on "My Two Dads".

Nippert Stadium:
Thumbs up to one of the oldest venues in college football.
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I'm thankful for a 7:15 kickoff this weekend....more time to tailgate.

The LVP Watch

Look deep into the eyes of a douchebag

Finding the worst player in the NFL is easy - just find the 53rd guy on the Miami Dolphins and you're set. Finding the worst player who's actually PLAYING is harder (note to self, in the future stick to easy things, like picking on Greg Robinson). It seems that not only do most of the crappy players I put on this list suck, these over paid losers keep getting injured.

It goes to show you that even though NFL coaches spend all those hours in the office, they are missing some very basic things - for instance, don't injure Alex Smith - he sucks, you WANT him on the field - if you are going to injury someone, injury Tom Brady, and for the love of God, do it soon, because he's going to destroy the Eagles on Sunday.

With that being said, let's get to the list:

1. Shaun Alexander - Running back, Seattle Seahawks. He's still injured, and hasn't played in two weeks, but he still really sucks. For the season he's averaging 3.3 yards per carry and still has few touchdowns than Chargers defensive back Antonio Cromartie.

2. Byron Leftwich - Quarterback, Atlanta Falcons. Remember when this former number one draft pick was considered the cornerstone of the Jaguars franchise? Let me refresh your memory, it was this past summer, right before he got cut. Now, he's getting benched for Joey Harrington, and he played so bad in doing so, that Harrington actually got cheered when he entered the game. I think Joey will be sending Byron a Christmas card this year.

3. Alex Smith - Quarterback, San Francisco 49ers. He too is injured, and seeking a second opinion on his shoulder, meaning most likely that he'll be put on injured reserve and I'll have to find another crappy player to take his place. In addition to appalling stats (48.7 completion percentage, 914 yards, 4 picks and a 57.2 passer rating) he is obviously determined to make my life more difficult, and that pisses me off.

4. Cedric Benson - Running Back, Chicago Bears. People who dispute this will point to his decent week against the Seahawks on Sunday, but I point to the fact that Thomas Jones, the guy that he replaced, had a better week against a better defense (Pittsburgh) so all you Cedric Benson apologists can suck it. AUTHOR'S NOTE: I know there are no Cedric Benson apologists, it just looked funny to add in there. He still sucks.

5. Shawne Merriman - Linebacker, San Diego Chargers. I don't like Shawne Merriman, from the dumb way he spells his name, to the "lights out" dance, to the fact that got busted last year for using steroids, he comes off as a jerk. Lucky for us, you know who else doesn't like Shawne Merriman? Maurice Jones Drew - that's who - check this out:

You Might Not Want to Hear This

An Idiot thinks I'm important - I've hit an all time low

You might not want to hear this,but I'm going to say it anyway, because that's what I get paid to do - tell you the truth. (I actually get paid for something entirely different, but that's another story altogether). The Syracuse basketball team needs Josh Wright.

Now, don't get me wrong, like the rest of the nation I love Jonny Flynn, I think he might be the best point guard to set foot on campus sent Sherman Douglas, but with the injury to Andy Rautins, they are THIN in the back court. Scoop Jardine is an exciting young player, but right now, he's their only scholarship guard on the bench and as the season wears on they will need some experienced help in the back court and Wright is that guy.

Even with Coach Boeheim's penchant for using a short bench that gets shorter as the season wears on, SU will need another guy to handle the ball, spell Flynn and let Eric Devendorf do what he does best - score the ball, talk copious amounts of trash, and make sure that strip beard thing he wears is trimmed properly. As much as the thought scares you, who do you want trying to break Louisville's pressure in February - Jardine or Wright (and you can't answer neither).

The good news is that Mike Waters is reporting that Wright will be back with the team. If he comes back with a positive attitude and works hard, he's capable of giving the team 10 minutes a night off the bench, which is exactly what this team needs.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Axeman gets it.

Brent Axe has done a really nice job following Sunday's "Time for a Change" piece with today's Part II.

"I see a team stuck in neutral. I see a team is that is in no way a better team heading into Game 12 than it was in Game 1. "

Doesn't sound like the "right direction" to me.

Pre-holiday grazing

A few things to snack on, in addition to cheese curds, spinach dip and crab pretzels....

Coach Tomlin: I thank you for salvaging the football weekends for me this year, but please do not let this happen again...ever!

Feast Week is underway on the ESPN family of networks and T3I says this every year (of course you weren't there to hear/read it before now) but it does not get any better than Sean McDonough, Bill Raftery and Jay Bilas.

I hear that the Syracuse Raging Bullz are having big time organizational problems...really I'm not making that up. The solution is clear...Darryl Gross.

This Friday, in between slices of pumpkin, apple, and chocolate cream pie, save some room for Boise State at Hawaii...even though the pollsters have been effing us (us being BSU) I still think the winner earns a BCS slot.

I despise the fact the Dallas and Detroit play every Thanksgiving...even more than that I hate that there is a game Thursday night on something known as the NFL Network. Comcastic...yeah ok.

Not Measuring Up

Evidence of Greg Robinson's failure as the Syracuse head coach is everywhere. Dave Rahme ticks off few telling statistics in his story today which focused on Robinson's future. Among the more damning statistics, his 7-27 overall record, which falls to 3-19 against BCS schools, and his 2-18 record against conference foes.

Compounding matters, it's not just the losses, but the lop sided nature of these affairs that has taken the life out of the Syracuse program and the fan base. If you can't compete in your own conference, you're going nowhere fast. I thought I would take a look at how Syracuse has done against in-conference foes, and how it compares to the rest of the conference - and the statistics are astounding, but not surprising.

The following is the average score for each team for in conference games only. All teams have played six games, with the exception of Pitt and West Virginia, who have played 5.

Average Score for Conference Games:

West Virginia - 33
Opponents - 18.4

Connecticut - 24.7
Opponents - 16.7

South Florida - 32
Opponents - 26.2

Cincinnati - 26.2
Opponents - 23.2

Rutgers 22.2
Opponents 25.7

Pittsburgh - 18.2
Opponents - 22.4

Louisville - 25.3
Opponents - 32.2

Syracuse - 16.7
Opponents - 36.5

A few notes, Syracuse has only scored more than 17 points on one occasion and has given up less than 30 one one occasion. Stunning.

As you can see, the rest of the conference is competitive with each other, even Louisville, which has had a terrible year (as evidenced by its loss to Syracuse) is only being outscored by less than 7 points a game, whereas the Cuse is AVERAGING losing by 20 a game.

Even with the array of excuses, from the plethora of injuries, to the lack of upper classmen that are contributing, he should be able to field a team that can at least keep games close. Obviously, this isn't the case and its time to move on, because Robinson simply isn't measuring up to his peers.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bravo Axeman!

Brent Axe really hit the proverbial nail on the head today with his "It's Time for A Change" post.

Brent, your next legal beverage is on us. Nice job.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


After this afternoon's thrilling Cuse-UConn affair, I headed into the office to email out some pictures of ChampBaby. Anyways, I turned on the TV and the movie Titanic appeared on my screen.

A quick turn over to college football and the announcers were commenting on Lloyd Carr's "retirement."

The gods are telling us something Cuse fans.

Saturday thoughts

Since the official countdown to the end of the GRob era is would be the ideal time to make T3I your homepage...seriously what are you waiting for?

Mike Holmes: I know he was beat on UConn's opening TD, but I really like this kid, he reminds me of Kevin Abrams, but a bigger hitter.

Instant Replay Officials: I have no idea what these guys were doing today, other than prolonging the agony for Orange fans. If you are going to call down to the field officials and stop play, at least get the damn calls right.

No explanation for this: How is our punt team so effective? Seriously, aren't they working against our horrific punt return team every day in practice?

"Fill" time started early for ESPN2 with the basketball schools comparison...and although it wasn't the Brass Bonanza that I had hoped for...any reminiscing back to Spring 2003 is appreciated.

Hoops interjection: Russianator told you all that Siena was a solid team that would win at least 20 games...well chalk another one up for him...they knocked off #20 Stanford 79-67 today...You all know that somehow the NCAA will find a way to discredit SU's opening win over the Saints.

The Countdown Is On

Cincy, 7:15PM kickoff. Just end the pain. We're estimating an 11:00pm endtime. Here's the official T3I countdown to the (hopeful) end of the GRob era:

The Right Direction - Initial Reactions to Another Blow Out

Syracuse v. Connecticut is in the books, and as we all predicted below, it wasn't pretty. The Huskies took the Orange to the woodshed, winning 30 to 7, and I can't say I'm surprised.

Here are my thoughts on what we saw today, I'm sure the other two idiots will have something to add as well.

* Obviously Andrew Robinson was terrible today. He's a tough kid, he's had a decent season and showed a tremendous amount of toughness, but today he was brutal. From my couch I have no way of knowing how his injured ribs feel but he played like an injured kid today.... Fumbles, inaccurate passes, HOLDING ON TO THE BALL way too long all contributed to Syracuse getting shut out while he was on the field.

* The offensive line was obviously a problem again today (lather, rinse, repeat) but not as big a problem as the play calling. Syracuse actually ran the ball with quite a bit of success, but of course the coaching staff didn't stick with it. Especially on Robinson's last drive, when Paul Chiara ran the ball down UConn's throat, only to see Brian White call a pass play from inside the 5 yard line, which was intercepted on a horrible throw by ARob.

* Both Cameron Dantley and Andrew Robinson stare down their primary receivers waaaaaay too much. I like Dantley's arm strength, but he's got a lot of faults as well. Today he must have had 5 balls (at least) batted down at the line of scrimmage. He seems to give the team a little more spark, but even if he had played the whole game, ultimately it wouldn't have made a big enough difference.

* Doug Hogue played very well in the first half, he didn't see the field in the second half, I can only assume there was some sort of injury, if that's the case let's hope it's not serious because he really showed what he could do out there today.

* I've been wondering where Paul Chiara has been all year - he played almost the entire second half and he played well. Why it took 10.5 games to get a junior on the field, at a position of great need, I don't know - oh wait, yes I do, Greg Robinson has a lot on his plate.

* The defense didn't come up with a single turnover again today - playing a lot of deep zones and rushing 3 men most of the time. In the second half, they actually brought some more pressure, incorporating several blitzes, and guess what, they were more successful in the second half. Why did it take 10.5 games to figure this out? I'll give you one hint - and the hint starts with Greg......

* Patrick Shadle on TV looks even bigger than Patrick Shadle in person. It reminds me of the old joke - that if the camera adds ten pounds, how many cameras are on him?

* Didn't see Max Suter other than kick off returns, another great job by the coaching staff of switching a talented player from defense to offense, then deciding to go with a running back (Chiara) that they've had all along, and basically keeping him off the field altogether.

* This was game 11 of more of the same. There was no progress, they are not competitive, they are not moving in the right direction and they coaching staff does not know what they're doing. 3 years of gross incompetence is enough Dr. Gross - it's ENOUGH.

* I now have to go to my girlfriend's grandmother's 80th birthday party, and it will be more fun than watching Syracuse football. I'm out of here, look for more from the idiots, and as always, check out Axe for a recap.

SU-UConn Official Idiotic Predictions

These mascots don't scare anyone, although the Husky Camel Toe is pretty nasty

It's time for the Idiots to tell you how we see the SU-UConn game playing out, let's not waste any time:


Question, why is UConn’s football stadium located in Hartford? I really cannot understand this, which can only mean that some asinine politicians played a role. I’m thinking it’s the same politicians who forced my Hartford Whalers to relocate to North Carolina. Anyway, I have been searching for some compelling reasons to actually tune into this game…and the best that I can come up is:

1. To find out how quickly the announcing crew embarks into “fill” mode.

2. To see if during “fill” mode, the ESPN2 production team has prepared some classic Whalers’ footage in conjunction with a rousing version of “Brass Bonanza.” That would actually be worth the suffering…otherwise you’ve read this chapter before (of course this idiot is banking on there only being 1 more chapter in this tragedy known as the Greg Robinson Chronicles)…don’t you dare disappoint me Randy Edsall.

UConn 32
Syracuse 13


A bottom feeder comes calling on a league contender. In this bizzaro-world that is the Greg Robinson era, Cuse plays the role of bottom feeder to the former Yankee Conference member. A quick aside...7 years ago UConn embarked on their first season in Division 1-A. Meanwhile on the hill, the Men of Orange would slug their way through a 6-5 season. My how times have changed, 6-5 sounds soooo good right now. Not going out on any limb here.....when it comes to anyone vs. Greg Robinson, I'm taking anyone.

Storrs 31
Syracuse 6


Back in the day, you know, when SU fielded competent football teams, game day meant one thing - excitement. Now, gameday brings a mix of dread, morbid curiosity, and near the end, eager anticipation for whatever weird, nonsensical diatribe Greg Robinson will treat us too next. As Boss said, here's hoping that this is end of the Robinson era, which by any standard has been a colossal failure. Whatever happens on the field, afterward I can assure you that Greg will tell us that he saw some good things out there, the kids fought hard to the end, if a few things differently had happened, they would have scored some more and given up less points.....lather, rinse, repeat.

UConn 42
Syracuse 13

Friday, November 16, 2007

E.O.I. College Hoops Edition

The Orange improved to 3-0 tonight with their 80-63 win over Fordham. Donte Green led all scores with 25 and combined with Paul Harris on a couple of highlight reel jams.

With hoops giving us some relief from the Greg Robinson Experience, we turn our attention to all those T3I will be rooting against this college basketball season. All those deemed ENEMIES OF THE IDIOTS:

Gary "Osama Bin" Walters: The chair of last year's NCAA selection committee, you my friend are clueless when identifying the 65 best basketball teams in the country.

Dick Vitale: A first-ballot, no-brainer Enemy of the Idiots. Let's not forget that his "Syracuse never leaves the state of New York" song and dance was picked up by other sheep in the national media and apparently the clowns on last year's committee. How about his whining that the '96 Final Four should be "re-seeded" because Kentucky-UMass should face off in the finals. Funny he never mentions that Syracuse ended up playing that stacked Kentucky squad the closest of any team in the tourney. One of the many reasons the NCAA Tournament is the best sporting event in the free world: Dick Vitale can't broadcast any games.

Doug Gotlieb: What else can you say about the namesake of the Idiots' Smug Hall of Fame?

Keith Smart: Ugh.

Hoyas: Michael Graham, the Idiots remember.

Rick Majerus: We aren't losing any sleep over the Big Guy's decision to vacate the broadcast booth for a return to coaching. Anyone else remember his trashing of GMac a couple of years ago on an ESPN broadcast?

Tim Higgins: Nickle-dimer

Huskies: Smug fans, smug coach, but they can get you a killer deal on a laptop (rimshot please...)

Voters of the 1996 NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player: I'll go to my grave saying John Wallace was more deserving than Tony Delk

Billy Packer: battles Dick Vitale for the "Mr. ACC" title every year.

Gallagher-Iba Arena: Nothing against Ed Gallagher or Henry Iba......the camera angle there kills us on TV games....why so high?

DeShaun Williams: What's your favorite DeShaun moment? Ours is when he transferred to Iona.

ESPN Producers: They have to show us the Digger Phelps dancing in the Dome clip everytime Notre Dame, Inc. visits Syracuse. Here's a better Cuse-ND clip to show:

Nike: Sorry, but these new uniforms are hideous.

More to come as the season develops....and I remember the rest.

About that Huge Football Game in NE

As readers of T3I know, there's a big game going on in New England this weekend, it is an expected sell out, with two bitter rivals facing off. Each team's passionate fans and alumni are anxiously awaiting kickoff and planning grand tailgate parties. That's right, it's time for..............Harvard v. Yale, and it's the hottest ticket in town.

While no one can top the tradition of "The game" it is worth noting that Syracuse-UConn will be played in front of at least 20,000 less people, because the max capacity for Rentschler Field is only 40,000 versus the more than 61,000 the Yale Bowl can hold.

So while some of the nation's elite power brokers tailgate with lobster, champagne and fine wine (seriously, read the link above) big east fans - mainly Husky fans - will be dining on hot dogs, cheetos and pop tarts on a former airport runway.

It's a shame the Syracuse football program has fallen so far, so fast, because with the rise of the Huskies, this late season game could have meant something to both teams in the Big East standings, and maybe, just maybe, it wouldn't be as over shadowed by an Ivy League game.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

You call this justice?

Get me Jackie Chiles on the phone. This my friends, is an outrage.

"Punish the person, not the whiskey,...Jack never did anything wrong, and the whiskey itself is innocent."

Words to live by my friends. T3I endorses this method of Jack disposal:

It's Funny Because it's True

Posting dopey jokes seems like something that's far below a refined, sophisticated and widely respected main stream Internet site like Three Idiots on Sports but......who the hell am I kidding, none of those things are true anyway. To illustrate the state of the SU football program, I received this e-mail a few minutes ago from a long tenured Syracuse fan, who has supported the program both financially and as a fan for years.

A truly sad story......

Syracuse, NY (AP) - A seven-year old boy was at the center of an Onondaga County courtroom drama yesterday when he challenged a court ruling over who should have custody of him. The boy has a history of being beaten by his parents and the judge initially awarded custody to his aunt, in keeping with the child custody law requiring that family unity be maintained to the highest degree possible.

The boy surprised the court when he proclaimed that his aunt beat him more than his parents and he adamantly refused to live with her. When the judge then suggested that he live with his grandparents, the boy cried and said that they also beat him. After considering the remainder of the immediate family and learning that domestic violence was apparently a way of life among them, the judge took the unprecedented step of allowing the boy to propose who should have custody of him.

After two recesses to check legal references and confer with the child welfare officials, the judge granted temporary custody to the Syracuse University Football Team, whom the boy firmly believes are not capable of beating anyone.