Wednesday, January 23, 2008


While it's been a foregone conclusion for weeks, Paul Pasqualoni is following Tony Soprano, check that, Sparano to Miami to become the new defensive coordinator for the fish.

While all of us were very glad that a change was made (file that in the be careful what you wish for category) I hope he does well in South Florida. While we truly believe it was time for change, I now oddly find myself rooting for him (I can't speak for the other two idiots), while his replacement Greg Robinson continues to flounder around like a man with no arms in a swimming pool.

P's got a big challenge ahead of him, Miami's defense is like a lot of South Florida - old and cantankerous, so we will see if he's upgraded his coaching skills since leaving for the pro game. The plus side for me is that as an Eagle fan, even if he helps turn that team around, it doesn't affect me, and the hated cowboys now have to go hire a bunch of new coaches to continue covering Wade Phillips' rather large ass.

For you Syracuse fans, it appears Dallas is the place to be if you've got SU connections. This article in the Dallas News mentions Dallas defensive coordinator Brian Stewart (former SU defensive backs coach) is looking to bring in Ed Orgeron (former SU defensive line coach) to coach the defensive line, so take note G-Rob and staff, if next year doesn't work out, Dallas is a place you might want to send a resume.


Champ said...

Agreed was time for a change, but damn what a change we made.

I actually miss P. I never thought that was possible.

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Russianator said...

thanks Axe - pulled that one out of my ass.