Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Quick Tour Around the World of Sports

Since things are a little busy around here and my creativity resembles Brittany Spears' sanity today, it's time to read what other people are writing:

* Joe Gibbs hangs em up again - only about 5 more retirements to go and he catches Sugar Ray Leonard.

* The Roger Clemens thing is completely bizarre - Newsday has some great stuff on it, including the infamous tape of him talking to McNamee, and columnist Shaun Powell wonder's if we'll ever know the truth. Have fun wading through that cesspool.

* John Sterling certainly must agree with the Ghosts of Wayne Fontes, who want to know what is the point of neutral announcing?

* Here's a little "Did You Know" moment - Ron Mexico is not the first NFL player sent to Leavenworth. Who was you ask? The Deuce of Davenport has your answer.

* Here's my review of the "national championship game" last night. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. For another take, you can check this out - the Big Lead.

* Speaking of which, shockingly, partisan Ohio State journalists were wrong in their predictions about the game last night.

* This one is for all my friends that are Giant fans (and sadly most of them are) - the Sports Hernia.

* You've probably already seen both of these, but Orange 44 has a great clip of Donte Greene playing the drums and guess who can fly? Come on, guess........TNIAAM has the answer.

*Cuse Country says Syracuse is flying under the radar, and I think all Syracuse fans know that when the least is expected, sometimes great things can happen.

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