Tuesday, April 22, 2008

#1: Derrick Coleman

Like a bad cold, this stupid list has lingered long enough. Let's get through with it.

With 73 Idiot Points, including the first place votes of Boss and Champ, the Motown Masher earns the #1 spot on the the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era.

Derrick Coleman ('89-'90: 17.9 PPG, 12.1 RPG)

Russianator, "I didn't put him first, whoop de damn do."

Boss, "I'm still mad you blew the free throws in '87, but his glasswork and effort can't be overlooked."

Champ, "No one hit the boards like DC... 19 rebounds in the title game.... Great handle for a power forward and he developed a nice outside touch his senior year."

The youngsters out there might only remember the NBA version of DC, which in no way gives his collegiate career justice. An absolute killer on the glass, DC developed a strong overall game. Let's also not forget, here's a guy that turned down millions his junior year to return to the Carrier Dome. Let's also not forget, here's a guy who backed down from NO ONE in the Big East.

You da man DC.

The final Idiotic list:

1. Derrick Coleman (73)
2. Sherman Douglas (71)
3. Dwayne “Pearl” Washington (67)
4. Carmelo Anthony (63)
5. Gerry McNamara (60)
6. John Wallace (59)
7. Billy Owens (56)
8. Rony Seikaly (55)
9. Hakim Warrick (53)
10. Stevie Thompson(50)
11. Lawrence Moten (48)
12. Raf Addison (47)
13. Dave Johnson (33)
14. Adrian Autry (32)
16. Tie: Jason Hart and Etan Thomas (30)
17. Wendel Alexis (29)
18. Preston Shumpert (27)
19. Josh Pace (20)
20. Otis Hill (17)
21. Greg Monroe (16)
22. Howard Triche (9)
23. Allen Griffin (8)
24. Demetris Nichols (7)
25. Tie: Damone Brown, Jonny Flynn, Lazarus Sims (6)


Russianator said...

Although I voted melo number 1, nice work compiling the list Champ - let the bitching begin.

A.E.M. said...

This was awesome, I could not wait for the next one to come out, great job to one and all!


OrangeRay said...

I too would rank Coleman as the #1 player at SU during the years I've watched SU basketball. Great list.