Saturday, April 5, 2008

#11: Lawrence Moten

Landing at #11 on the Top 25 Orangemen of the Idiot Era, with 48 Idiot Points, the all-time leading scorer of Syracuse University and the Big East Conference:

Lawrence Moten (career: 19.3 PPG, 4.9 RPG)

Russianator, "So smooooooooth."

Boss, "High socks, unlimited range...I somewhat forgive the TO vs. Arkansas."

Champ, "Probably one of the most underappreciated Orangemen, this stupid list included."

The rest of the list:

12. Raf Addison (47)

13. Dave Johnson (33)
14. Adrian Autry (32)
16. Tie: Jason Hart and Etan Thomas (30)
17. Wendel Alexis (29)
18. Preston Shumpert (27)
19. Josh Pace (20)
20. Otis Hill (17)
21. Greg Monroe (16)
22. Howard Triche (9)
23. Allen Griffin (8)
24. Demetris Nichols (7)
25. Tie: Damone Brown, Jonny Flynn, Lazarus Sims (6)


OrangeFreak said...

Is this list going to allow players to fluctuate up and down as time goes on?... cuz I have a feeling Jonny Flynn is going to give you a lot of reason to cheer in the year(s) to come...

Russianator said...

the list was done as of this moment in time - I have no doubt eventually flynn will be closer to the top than the bottom. Plus we're all idiots.

Classon Ave said...

#11, Seriously? Way to live up to your name guys.

If you were trying to be funny, ranking him # 2,334 would have been better.