Friday, April 18, 2008

#4: Carmelo Anthony

With 63 Idiot Points the Carmelo finds himself as the #4 Orangeman of the Idiot Era. The Three Idiots had a health debate on this one....the Russianator voted him #1 on his list while his "one and done" status cost him some spots on Boss's list and yours truly. Perhaps the greatest single season in Orange history.

Carmelo Anthony (22.2 PPG, 10.0 RPG)

Russianator, "No Melo, no title."

Boss, "He'd be higher if he came back for another year, but still love the guy."

Champ, "If the jumper wasn't working, he'd sit on the blocks and work the post. Solid on the glass. Can only imagine his numbers if he'd been here for more than one year."

Bonus points Melo for one of the greatest ESPY speeches ever. Plus he looks really good on an Etch-a-sketch:


Russianator said...

Let the record reflect that I voted Melo Number 1.

the syracusan said...

I'm sensing an impending mid to late-80's bias in your top three. Probably point guard and public urination oriented. Carmelo would be my #1, but the debate on the one-and-done problem will probably never end.

Poncho Sinatra said...

I can barely draw a square on the sketch before I have to shake the shit out of it to try again?