Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Dukie Vitale is a Lobbyist

I stumbled across an interesting story while perusing the Syracusefan message board - Mark Kriegal from Fox Sports asks a very valid question - How the Hell did Dick Vitale get into the Hall of Fame? It's a perfectly valid question, backed up, in this idiot's opinion, by some equally valid facts.

Hall of Fame admission is becoming a joke in all the major sports, and this case in particular is a perfect illustration of that point. The biggest problem I have is that Vitale LOBBIED for entry, which is the equivalent of asking people to say nice things about you. I heard him on the interview circuit after it was announced he was going in and he compared himself to Susan Lucci, a reference to him being a Hall Finalist in 2004 and 2006.

Personally I don't like Vitale, but he's relatively harmless, so let's take a cue from him - Do you like Three Idiots on Sports? Please - come on, tell us, do you like us? Really, honestly - are we good? Shouldn't we be honored? Come on, we've been around almost a year - aren't we great? You must like us a little? We have to be PTPers don't we?


MariusJanulisForThree said...

We don't have Hall of Fames, we have Hall of Greats.

And even that is debatable.

Jameson said...

I'm not a fan of Dickie V. Never have been, never will be.

Anonymous said...

Joe B here: Dick Vitale entry to the Hall of Fame has brought this selection process to a new low. How do we remember our HOF's? The great plays, the great teams they were on, and how they truly inspired us to follow the sport as a whole. I really don't have any fond memories of Dick Vitale. Dick Vitale was forced I feel to call Carmelo and G-Mac "Diaper Dandies" in '03. He is a biased commentator who bleeds ACC. I think the only constant memory is the voice,(wasn't it nice when he had surgery to "fix" his annoying voice)? If it was an honorary induction to the Hall of Fame then so be it. Congrats to Dick Vitale you have officially BS'ed your way to the hall. Nice Job.

BOSS said...

I have no problem if in the HOF there is broadcasting display and Dukie V is highlighted, but to induct someone into what should be an "exclusive" club - kinda belittles the place and its members.

Poncho Sinatra said...

Did you hear Neil Lomax just got a vote for the Canton? He rocked the Saint Louis Cardinals, yep, the Saint Louis Cardinals....


Nick Loucks said...

I got to disagree with the majority here. The Hall of Fame in every sport is littered with non-players who did big things to further the game.

Peter Gammons is in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Russian coaches are in the basketball Hall of Fame.

Find me one person who has popularized the game of college basketball like Vitale in the past 50 years?

Or ask yourself this... could your Mother distinguish Chris Webber - an elite college basketball player for 2 seasons who played in 2 Championship Games and did one of the most famous bonehead plays in sports - from another athlete like, say, Tony Gonzalez? COuld your college biology teacher? Your grandfather?


Dick Vitale IS college basketball to a lot of people. To diehards like us, of course other people offer better insight. But to a LOT of Americans, people who turn on the TV and watch games and fill out brackets and talk about the sport, they KNOW Dicky V.

That's amazing to me. And that's Hall of Fame stuff.

Russianator said...

A couple of quick points in response to Nick. While I love Nicks 2 Cents - I have to provide a couple of counter-points.

A) He lobbied for the position - sorry man, that's flat out dis-tasteful to me, get in on your own merits, not because you were badgering electors forever to let you in. That's a joke.

B) There's no category for broadcasters in the basketball HOF.

C) Peter Gammons is one of the best baseball writers of all time, who made the switch to TV. Vitale was an also ran coach who found his niche as a broadcaster. Comparing Vitale to Gammons is like comparing Boone's farm to a fine wine.