Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Thoughts on the Boston-Atlanta Game Last Night

This one is for Champ - a lapsed Hawks fan who used to own a couple of the sweetest Dominique Wilkins T-shirts that the 1980's had to offer. As you probably already know, the Atlanta Hawks beat the Celtics to even the series at 2 a piece last night. Below are a few thoughts I have while watching pieces of this game - basically I tuned in when House was at commercial.

* First of all, it was good to see the Hawks rise up and make a series out of this thing, after getting annihilated in games one and two, losing by an average of 20 points, I didn't think they had it in them.

* You should get to know Atlanta coach Mike Woodson. Why? Not because he's a good coach, the jury is out on that, but because he has one of the sweetest mustaches of the modern era. Let's go Sport Hump, Mike Woodson is pure mustache gold.

* If you can believe it, Joe Johnson and Josh Smith scored the Hawks last 32 points.

* I was absolutely astounded - I mean astounded - to see a large crowd that was into the game in Atlanta last night. Atlanta has some terrible fans - a Hawks or Braves regular season game resembles a Carrier Dome crowd when SU is playing Buffalo - yet the fans in the building last night were more like European soccer fans than Hawk fans - minus the hooligans.

* For the opinion of some professional writers - the Boston Globe's Peter May thinks the Celtics are now in tight quarters, while Sekou Smith of the Atlanta Journal Constitution says the Hawks won't back down. Either way, I'm just wondering when those bad tee shirts will come back in style.


Poncho Sinatra said...

Nice Stache indeed, thanks for the tip!


Champ said...

I'm breaking out the Jon Koncak throwback jersey.