Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Title Game Thoughts

Another college basketball season is in the books, ending in spectacular fashion, with Kansas winning the title and more importantly helping me win a nice chunk of change. Here are some quick thoughts on the game and the event as a whole.

* I love Brandon Rush, but at times last night he appeared to be doing his best Todd Burgan imitation. Watching a small forward fall down and dribble the ball off his foot made me feel like 1998 all over again.

* Mario Chalmers = Onions.

* Kansas played very good defense last night, but things fell apart for them when they went box and one on Chris Douglas-Roberts. I'm not sure what Self was thinking, but man to man was his best defense last night.

* Obviously Memphis should have called a time out with 10 seconds left and obviously they should have fouled Kansas, but the Tigers were gassed at the end of the game. In the post-game press conference Calipari essentially admitted he didn't sub much in the second half because he was trying to win it in regulation. You want reasons why CDR missed those free throws - his legs were gone.

* A friend of mine also won a pool - his text to me last night after I congratulated him - I'd give back all the money if Billy Packer would just go away.

* Speaking of Billy and Jim Nantz, they seemed almost genuinely sad when they realized Derek Rose wasn't going to get the tournament Most Outstanding Player award....and we get it Billy, Rose shouldn't give the ball up so easily. One good thing about college hoops ending for the year, a sabbatical from Packer.

* I know Bob Knight refuses to wear a suit - at his age and his status in life, good for him, he doesn't need the ESPN gig - but what the hell - can't ESPN get him anything better than a pea green sweater? He looks like the grumpy green giant on the set.

* Speaking of the ESPN crew last night, Jay Bilas is like a beacon of reason and intelligence in a sea of bluster and delusional old men. Watching Digger and Vitale argue is like watching Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne debate quantum physics.

* It was an odd tournament as a whole. Friday of the first round was clearly the best day in terms of upsets and close finishes, Davidson made an exciting and dramatic run, but many of the big games, especially in the Elite 8 and Final Four, were pretty tough to watch - of course the title game made up for it.

* Memphis fans and alums are now in the sports black out period. It's traditionally lasts about a week and consists of avoiding sportscenter, the internet and sports magazines (which are quickly becoming irrelevant anyway) until most of the coverage of the event has subsided. That period sucks.

* Bill Self would be crazy to leave Kansas - then again, if someone waved $40 million in my face, I'd have to at least think about going a little insane.

* For SU fans, we can now begin the Donte Greene watch and officially begin to discuss our wildly unrealistic expectations for next year.


Jason said...

Comment on your comments:

*What the hell was with the box and 1. The KU defense was fantastic all night (just like 75% of the UNC game) - why change it up?

*Ive always hated Billy Packer. BUT, I think if he changed just a few things he would actually be alright. He harps on stuff like an old lady nagging and is "never wrong"!

*Bilas is always great. What happened to Davis, did they just throw him out completely for Dickie and Knight during the tourney?

Great game.

Calipari is so freakin sleazy.

Josh said...

One thing that sums up much of what is wrong about Billy Packer as an analyst (leaving aside his bias towards certain programs). When Memphis fouled with about 45 seconds left in OT, down 3 points. AFTER the Kansas kid makes the first free throw of a 1-and-1, Packer says "I don't like that decision to foul". I'm sure if he'd missed the shot, Packer would have said "great move to foul there and extend the game" or some similar garbage.