Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tough Times in Met-land

All 3 of us are Yankee fans - it's just something you'll have to deal with. I also enjoy torturing myself by watching the occasional Phillies game, but realistically there's only so much abuse I can put myself through.

New York's other team - the New York Mets (also known as the junior varsity) are off to a slow start this year - and if that wasn't bad enough, the season has been marred by tragedy, with a fan falling two stories to his death.

While we love to pick on the Mets, we thought we'd offer up some suggestions that may cheer up the team and the fan base:

* Everyone on the team should immediately start sporting the Gary Carter perm from the mid 80s, this includes Mr. Met.

* Put photos on the Apple that lights up after home runs of whomever David Wright tagged the night before.

* They can allow urination in the stands - honestly it would make Shea smell better.

* Willie Randolph can change his name to "Duaner" just because.....

* Hire Isiah - we need someone to pick on.

1 comment:

BOSS said...

Nicely done guy...BTW Was TV ever worse than Kiner's Korner on WWOR back in the day -- I didn't think so.