Wednesday, April 30, 2008

What You Missed in the NBA Last Night

I can't explain it - but for some odd reason this year I'm following the NBA Playoffs. It hasn't happened for quite a few years and there was no conscious decision on my part to start actively following the NBA again, it just sort of happened - which is most likely the same explanation ABC executives give when they explain why the keep renewing According to Jim (no link, that show is too awful to deserve one).

Anyway - here's what you most likely didn't watch last night:

San Antonio-Phoenix

The Spurs closed out the Suns 92-87, winning the series 4-1. Phoenix committed a rash of hideous, Syracuse-like 4th quarter turnovers, as the loathsome Spurs moved on. As a result, it's already being reported that Phoenix Coach Mike Dantoni is out of job.

Detroit - Philadelphia

The Pistons finally woke up and the Sixers threw up all over themselves, losing 98-81 in a game that wasn't even that close. Philly, once up 2-1 in the series has lost 2 in a row as their hope for an upset quickly disappears. As a result, the Philadelphia media is wondering if the Sixers have anything left? The answer - I don't know.

New Orleans - Dallas

The Mavericks finished their slow death spiral that actually started two years ago when they lost to the Miami Heat in the finals, losing 99-94 to the young impressive Hornet team. Chris Paul continues to make the case that he's God, recording a triple double last night and totally dominating Jason Kidd in the series. Kidd suddenly looks older than Hugh Hefner, and Avery Johnson may be out of a job.

Utah - Houston

In a series that no one is watching, including people in Houston and Utah, the Rockets staved off elimination beating the Jazz 95-69. Utah leads the series 3-2 - wake me when this one is over.

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Jameson said...

It appears as if the Sixers are done.

It's going to be a stretch to win Game Six and they certainly aren't winning game seven.