Thursday, June 5, 2008

Thursday's Links - Recommendations from Idiots

Good morning people - I just got back from the vet and that begs the question, who has the ability to rip you off more, your veterinarian or your auto mechanic? For me, it's the vet, since my dad is a mechanic, but for most people, I think it's got to be a toss up. Anyway, here's what's happening.

Hockey is finally over - if we had confirmation that Boss was still alive (seriously if anyone has heard from him, let us know), I'd ask him how he feels about the Red Wings winning the Stanley Cup. Of course, for Sean Green of San Antonio, the finals really aren't over, as he's suing the NHL for the mistreatment of octopus. I'd like to sue Mr. Green for mistreatment of the American system of justice - and for being a jerk off, that's an actionable offense right?

The NBA Finals get underway tonight. If you can't find any mainstream media break downs of the series, step away from the computer, you're too dumb to operate it. From the blogosphere, here are the keys to the game from the LA perspective and too see how some Celtics fans feel, check out Red's Army. This link has been flying around the intertubes for last day, if you've missed it, here are the Finals photoshop style.

In Syracuse news, here's a recap of what Daryl Gross told the Axeman yesterday in regards to the Mike Williams situation. Here's my recap of Axe's recap - words, platitudes, talking in circles, diversionary tactics, and more platitudes that reference the women's basketball team.

Johnny Damon, following the lead of idiots, is questioning the Joba move, while Pedro feels just fine after his start. And I'll close this post with some words from Terry McAuliffe - a man who wants to take away anonymous sources - which would basically shut down the NY Post.

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