Wednesday, August 27, 2008

#4: Don McPherson


With 87 HumpIdiot Points, QB Don McPherson earns the #4 spot on the Top 20 Orangemen of the HumpIdiot Era countdown. Donnie led the Orangemen to an undefeated 1987 season capped off by a Sugar Bowl MVP performance. In an absolute heist, Donnie finished 2nd in Heisman voting to Notre Dame WR Tim Brown.

Things were great for Donnie in 1987. After the Heisman farce he earned the Davie O'Brien National QB and Maxwell Awards. In addition, Donnie was a First Team All-American. Heck, even People Magazine featured a nice piece on him.

Boss, "Better QB than announcer, robbed in the '87 Heisman voting--like the Heisman really means anything these days."

The Captain, "Prototypical SU quarterback...extremely athletic, great with the ball."

Russianator, "A member of the College Hall of Fame, he was brilliant in 1987 and Champ points out, was robbed of the Heisman that year. He battled injuries early in his career, but was key to the ressurection of the program. One other note, if you ever catch some old film, he looks so damn skinny. The game has changed people."

The SportHump, "You never felt as if we were out of any game while he was behind center."

Champ, "Had a perfect year in '87. Probably arrived 10 years too early for the NFL."

The Complete List:

4. Don McPherson (87)
5. Tim Green (77)
6. Rob Moore (65)
7. Tie: Marvin Graves and Joe Morris (60)
9. Tie: Daryl Johnston and Donovan Darius (45)
11. Kevin Johnson (36)
12. Keith Bulluck (35)
13. Dan Conley (34)
14. Walter Reyes (31)
15. Qadry Ismail (23)
16. Robert Drummond (21)
17. Scott Schwedes (20)
18. Tie: Art Monk and Chris Gedney (17)
20. Kevin Mitchell (13)

Others receiving votes: James Mungro (12), Michael Owens (11), Damien Rhodes (11), Shelby Hill (10), Rob Konrad (9), Quinton Spotwood (9), Kevin Abrams (7), Kirby Dar Dar (6), Ted Gregory (5), Glen Young (3), Markus Paul (2), David Walker (2), Todd Philcox (1), Adam Terry (1)

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