Monday, August 25, 2008

All the tea in China

Like many sports fans I was a frequent viewer of the Olympics over the past two weeks (Its not like you really had a choice, I mean baseball season all but over for Yankee fans and preseason football ---sorry, but that is about as exciting as a Greg Robinson presser), and yes I even stayed up late a few nights and zombied into work the next day with sunglasses on. Anyway for your reading pleasure, I thought I’d offer up an idiot’s perspective upon watching the games:

Things I get:

Traditional Olympic Sports getting tons on primetime coverage on NBC - Track, Swimming, and Gymnastics, sports that are pretty easy to follow and the USA has been known to dominate. The gymnastics though, that I could do without.

The IOC cutting baseball and softball from the Olympic program --- Off the top of my head I can not name one USA Baseball player, but I'm sure I got some great naps in during USA Network's coverage. Olympic baseball you won’t be missed.

There is a large wall that is centuries old in this part of the world and apparently it is great.

Dan Hicks - he was born to be a swimming announcer and nothing else…I repeat...nothing else, not even a CNN Headline News segment contributor.

Things I don’t quite get:

Boxing - Didn’t this used to be a premier Olympic sport? It has become a WWE-like travesty now and worse yet, the USA stinks at it.

Beach Volleyball - Don’t get me wrong there is a lot to enjoy during a beach volleyball match, the competition and rallying isn’t one of them. On the other hand, indoor volleyball matches were filled with 5 setters, ridiculous athleticism ,and a great run for gold by the US men. Indoor Volleyball was by far this idiot’s most enjoyed sport.

Bela Karolyi - This guy is a train wreck…whatever NBC paid Bob Costas to host the games, it wasn’t enough. In addition to having to translate Bela-speak to all the viewers, he also had to put up with the smugness that only Chris Collinsworth can provide…nobody should have to endure that on a nightly basis.

Brazilians with one name - Ronaldinho, Marta, Giba…why is it that every Brazilian soccer or volleyball athlete has only one name? It is arrogant and conceited and frankly T3I is abit offended.

Things I’d like to have:

Logan Tom - Next time, less May/Walsh on the beach, more Logan on the indoor court.

Access to Government Officials willing to doctor a birth certificate -this is one idiot who wouldn't mind subtracting a couple of years of his actual age...losing the sore back and knees wouldn’t hurt either.

Tickets to Vancouver 2010…you just know that is going to be an all-world party.


Champ said...

Anyone else felt that May/Walsh was forced down our throats?

Anonymous said...

anyone else tired of hearing the synchronized diving comms. saying, oh that was a pretty dive....
no.....moving on.

the captain

Poncho Sinatra said...

Thanks for introducing us to Logan Tom! Heyooh


Russianator said...

I'll trade in one bad knee, two bad ankles, male pattern baldness any day of the week.

We really dropped the ball on Logan Tom coverage - great work boss.