Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Chaz Watch: Game 1

"Hey Mom! Can we get some meatloaf? And maybe a few balls thrown my way?"

By now we're sure you've read all of the analysis and breakdowns of Saturday's 30-10 debacle. Candidate Chaz Cervino's Heisman campaign took a bit of a hit Saturday as he did not find his way on to the field of play.

Forget Northwestern's "no-huddle", the poor Orange QB play, or the ability to stretch the field. The real key to this week's loss was the lack of "Chazocity" in the offense.

Akron, you've been warned. Hell hath no furry like a Chaz scorned.

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Poncho Sinatra said...

It's going to be bleak year for our 2 Heisman candidates. I feel excited about Chew grabbing a couple 5 and Outs next week against Akron.