Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just Say No

In a post on his blog today, Post Standard writer Donnie Webb raises the possibility of a 10 game series being scheduled between Syracuse and Notre Dame, with the five Syracuse "home" games being played in the Meadowlands, or whatever they will call the new stadium being built down there.

He reports the deal is "in the discussion phase" - but doesn't provide any further details. While this rumor has been floating around internet message boards and blogs for some time - this is the first I've seen it appear with a legitimate reporter lending his or her name to the item.

I can't speak for the other 2 idiots, but here are my personal thoughts on the issue - NO F&CKING WAY. You can talk all you want about raising revenues, growing the fan base and making Syracuse "New York's" team - but guess what - the way to do that is IMPROVE THE PRODUCT ON THE FIELD!!!!!!!!!!!

Make no mistake about it - should Syracuse and Notre Dame play a game in the Meadowlands, the building would be filled with Irish fans. What we are essentially talking about is selling one home game every other year to the Irish, in exchange for a tiny fraction of cash Notre Dame generates.

To roll over and and give Notre Dame 10 home games so the Athletic Department can take some cash from Notre Dame and soak the downstate fan base for whatever they can grab is a slap in the face. It's a slap in the face to the regular season ticket holders, the local fan base, and most importantly, it sends a message to the rest of the college sporting world that SU isn't a legitimate enough program to host HOME games in our their own building. It's a joke, SU might as well become South Alabama.

Look, I know the University has a lot of great alums in the NYC area who do a lot for the program. I went to 11 consecutive Big East Tournaments, I understand there are a lot of important, well heeled, supporters there. I also understand the economics that drive the State of New York.

I get the fact that Gross is trying to increase cash flow into the Athletic Department. I don't always agree with his methods, but at least I understand what he's trying to do. Like it or not, that's the reality of the world we live in, money makes big athletics go. So having said that, I could live with one or two games versus the Irish in the Meadowlands - a decade of them I don't get. It essentially says we are Notre Dame's bitch - willing to do what they want for the right price.

The bottom line is that legitimate Division I programs do not give away five home games over a decade for cash. Legitimate Division I teams don't "host" games five hours away in another state. Legitimate Division I teams don't take deals that Rutgers correctly rejected. Apparently the Scarlet Knights do not pray at the feet of the almighty Notre Dame - but Syracuse just might.

In 1990, Penn State wanted to play 6 home games for every 4 games in the Dome. SU told them to take a hike, then spent the better part of the decade kicking ass and taking names.

Here we are in 2008 and Daryl Gross is reduced to selling 5 home games to Notre Dame - it's embarrassing turn of events. However, if there's one thing Gross has proven since he's been on the hill - embarrassment is not an emotion he possesses.

Here's a question - if SU had returned to prominence instead of going in the toilet 3 years ago, are we even discussing this?


Joe said...

i would have rather taken the state penn deal back in the day. at least they are a "rival". screw notre lame.

Champ said...

DGross following the lead of Mike Tranghese and bending over for the Irish.

Anonymous said...

Even in the ABYSMAL state of the program, I have to believe that there are more SU and ND fans in CNY then NYC. If I were a season tix holder I would be screaming over this one.
I can see DG blossoming this into a pay us and we'll be yor home team gig, only nobody wants this carwreck.