Sunday, August 31, 2008

SU Football, the Day After - They Weren't Ready

Welcome to the day after another Syracuse football loss. You should know the feeling by now, since Greg Robinson set foot on campus, it's been this way 29 times in 36 outings. I swear, if the man coached the 1972 Dolphins they would have finished the year 4-10. Of course that would have spared us the shots of Mercury Morris gloating every year, but that's another discussion altogether.

I'm sure you've been over there by now, by has a full recap up - and there are some interesting nuggets of information sprinkled throughout the coverage, include Bud Poliquin's column, where Delone Carter says:

"I don't blame you for thinking like that," he said. "I don't blame you at all. Evidently, what we did today didn't work. We have to fix this, man. We need to get it figured out. We had too many mistakes. We can't start that again. What we need, basically, is more discipline.

"I'm not the coach, but some things need to be changed. We should be able to move the ball without any problems. Putting ourselves in the hole. Going offsides. Committing penalties. Cutting while being engaged. Stuff like that. I mean, we're not young anymore. We can't use that as an excuse now."

Is it possible to fire Robinson and hire Carter as a player-coach? I'm sure that would violate NCAA rules, but it would be an improvement.

Then there is this little story by David Rahme, who talked to Northwestern running back Tyrell Sutton who said Syracuse "wasn't ready" for the Wildcats no huddle attack. Another great quote from the story, Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald:

"That's why we practice the way we do. We practice like our hair is on fire. We go out at a very quick, up-tempo pace, and it allows our guys to be ready for Saturday. The game slows down for them a little, but the other side is that they are in great condition."

Ah, what I wouldn't give for a coach like that. Syracuse fans and the players deserve better than the incompetence we've all been subjected to.

Here's another fun bit of coverage - Video Bud, who talks about the Carter quote and the fact that Art Jones was happy because they played hard......ummmmm the last time I checked, you're SUPPOSED TO play hard.

Poliquin's Postgame Report

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