Friday, August 29, 2008

Syracuse vs. Northwestern - Official Idiotic Predictions

Like last year, on the Friday before every SU football game, the three idiots will look into our crystal balls and predict the outcome of the coming game. These predictions are highly scientific and guaranteed to be accurate, if your definition of "accurate" is totally wrong - this is common definition local weatherman use. Want to join in the fun? Leave your prediction in the comments below, sadly, we're not handing out any free bread, so you're playing for pride.

While we are here, there will be no morning reading today, I've got a tee time that's rapidly approaching and while I'd love to spend the day with you on my lap top, I like golf just a little more. So, let's get to the predictions.


24 years ago Syracuse traveled to Evanston and used some last-second heroics to scratch out a 13-12 victory over a Northwestern team that was in the midst the worst era that any major college football program has experienced since WWII. Unfortunately, things have changed and the Syracuse of today is beginning to look an awful lot like those Northwestern teams of the 80’s – this time around it will take some last-second heroics from the Orange to keep the margin under 20.

Northwestern 37
Syracuse 19


This one gets ugly kids...have we heard that before? While it won't quite live up to the drubbing Purdue put on us in another Big10 road game opener, this won't won't be much of a game. Pat Shadle proves to be the player of the game with his three FG's. Unfortunately that doesn't match up to the 31 points put on the board by the Wildcats.

Northwestern 31
Syracuse 9


Call me crazy, but even with a wildly inexperienced receiving crew, I think this is the year the SU offense gets in gear. Call it the Mitch Browning effect. However, this effect is negated by the Greg Robinson defensive coordinator effect, as I don't think the 'cuse will be able to stop anyone.

Northwestern and their spread offense lead by CJ Bacher are simply too much for the cuse, as every time the Orange scores, it's immediately matched and then some by the Wildcats.

Northwestern 42
Syracuse 27


Poncho Sinatra said...

Not one of the Idiots are picking the Orange eh?

I tried to find something in this game as a bright spot, but couldn't.


Anonymous said...

Here is the official Nintendo Wii / NCAA 2009 prediction for the Orange.

Syracuse 52
Northwestern 19

Now of course I was Syr while playing and Robinson had a monster game 400+ yds and 5 td's.

Now if you take the 2 digits in Syr score and add them up ( 7 )
NW totals ( 10 )

This will be the real score of the real game
NWU 10
SU 7 lost with :04 left on a last second field goal. Heartbreaker

babyboss4 said...

I hosted the 6th grade orientation program the other day, and had a dream the night before that none showed up! Ofcourse all of them did end up coming.

Last night I had a dream that Cuse scored 4 TD's in the 1st quarter!

When comparing my dreams to reality it basically comes up the I go with NW- 27 Cuse 13. Cuse does score in the 1st quarter....once

bbrown0707 said...

I post this link, not to rub it in, but for posterity. I think it's worthwhile to see what T3I was in agreement about a year ago, and what they are in agreement about today. So maybe, just maybe, that means that this year SU wins in a romp.

Jaykay. NU by 10.

Anonymous said...

Russianator is a great handicapper. I really didn't appreciate Tim green coming on my TV and telling us all to be patient. What a party line cheeseball he is.