Sunday, August 31, 2008

There he goes again

Donnie Webb's usual good stuff on Greg's Sunday night press conference can be found here.

What really jumped out at me was Greg's response to Donnie's question about throwing in the towel with five minutes left and punting while in Northwestern territory:

"I really thought that maybe ... we threw the incomplete pass, it was fourth-and-10 I believe, I said hey, you know what, maybe we can go down there and make something happen with the defense. Maybe in hindsight, I probably should have gone for it. I figured let the defense have a chance to see if they could, and they didn't. They didn't respond."

So let me get this straight in my idiotic brain. Our best chance at putting points on the board is with our defense? Mitch Browning you just got sent to your room without any supper.

"Make something happen?" Greg you had 55 minutes to make something happen.


Russianator said...


It's not even close

bbrown0707 said...

Let me see if I got this straight:

If you punt, the defense takes the field. If you fail to convert on 4th down, the defense takes the field. Either way, the defense still gets an opportunity to "make something happen." So....WHAT?

Unless he's worried about actually converting the first down and having no idea what to do with his offense and a 1st down? Or does he actually believe that the defense is more adept at scoring than his offense? Is it the defensive set he likes or the players?? Will the defensive players be playing offense for Syracuse next week???

The lunacy of Greg Robinson. You gotta wonder how in the world this guy has ever gotten a coaching job. He makes Costanza look like Warren Buffett.