Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Morning Reading

Welcome to Brett Favre's first day with the New York Jets. There's no truth to the rumor that he's already thrown an interception to Fireman Ed, but Favre in New York should be very, very interesting. Let's get to the links.

Obviously we have to lead with the Brett Favre news - he's headed to the New York Jets in exchange for a conditional 4th round draft pick. Here's an interesting stat, go to Google News and type in "Brett Favre" and you get more than 23,000 hits. Fun times.

In Syracuse football news, Andrew Robinson has officially been named the first string quarterback - which makes sense. He's earned that right. Other stories from the Post Standard included in the link above include a battle at safety, Greg Robinson being on the hot seat, and practices notes from yesterday which has a terrible item about the possibility of SU giving up 5 home games to accommodate Notre Dame.

Rutgers has sold out all seven of it's home games (what is this world coming too?) and the NY Post notes SU might sell out to Notre Dame.

Here's a Notre Dame perspective on Syracuse's defense - they say it will be the strength of the team - color me skeptical.

In basketball news, Andy Rautins and Eric Devendorf make this blogger's list of players who will be making up for lost time this year.

Is Jonny Flynn the best point guard in the Big East? We all certainly hope it works out that way this year.

Bill Self scored himself a $30 million contract - not too shabby. Its also exactly $30 million more than we make writing this blog.

The Olympics are about to begin - President Bush has headed over there - yawn. I think the most interesting story of these games is that the air quality is worse than it was in the Caddyshack in Oswego in the early 1990s.....although dropping a deuce over there doesn't seem like a pleasant experience either.

Will Dan Marino dance with the stars? Here's a prediction, that won't end well.

And don't forget to check out our Top 20 Orangemen of the Idiot/Hump era -it was a lot harder than I though to put a list together and trust me, I'm sure we've screwed up multiple times, but it will give you all something to yell at us about - good times.

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Anonymous said...

Feeling really good right now with the Caddyshack reference. For those of you who have never experience this intoxicating aroma, here goes my best attempt at a description, I will attempt this through basic algebra:

stale urine + old meister brau * underage female vomit - dignity ( see captain on this point ) = Caddyshack.

ah yes, those truley were THE DAYS!