Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday Reading

Good morning, welcome to Thursday, its hard to believe that the New York State Fair opens today, the summer is heading out the door, let's get to some links before it disappears.

In Syracuse football news, true freshman wide receiver Marcus Sales is showing progress, as he looks to make an impact this year. We wish Marcus nothing but the best and hope he has a Mike Williams-like freshman year, but a wide receiver wearing's just weird. Other topics included in the link above include a video report on Doug Hogue, a slideshow on Dan Conley and the linebackers, and Orange great John Mackey has been hospitalized.

ESPN says Arthur Jones is a bright light for SU - we couldn't agree more, the man is a beast.

Syracuse makes this list of terrible 10 programs in college football.

Tony Fiammetta is relishing his time in the spotlight. He's a player I'm really interested in this season, will he be utilized? Will he produce? He certainly is ready physically.

More coverage of the fiasco that is the early screenings of The Express.

Orange Onions on the Syracuse fan board passes along NCAA rule changes.

Here is a Syracuse-Notre Dame preview.

The Yankees get a win over the Blue Jays last night, while the Mets beat the Braves.

Ron Mexico is hemorrhaging money right now, 12 cents an hour isn't going to cover it.

This is something I will not be watching.

My Uncle Dave can relate to this.....since he's a Reds fan.

Drew Rosenhaus is using some old tricks to try and get Anquan Boldin out of Arizona.

The average fan's guide to the NFC South.

And finally, one more note about our new shirts. Yesterday Sean over at TNIAAM did this post on our new gear. From there, Matt at HoyaSuxa suggested we add the schedule to the back of the shirt. Since it was such a great idea, I quickly added it and it's now for sale here. I'd like to thank Matt for the idea and Nick for buying the first one. ....and if SU miraculously turns around their fortunes this year, it can easily be converted to a Greg Robinson Redemption Tour.


MariusJanulisForThree said...

Card Chronicle posted the images as well!

sportzbelle said...

shirt purchased... unfortunately though they don't have orange in the chicks versions! I hope it arrives in time for the first stop on the tour!

Russianator said...

I will see what I can do about getting some women's apparrell up there - thanks for buying one!

sportzbelle said...

Surely, they have women's versions, it's just the orange issue. Guess it's not a big color for chicks (: