Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday Morning Reading

The last unofficial week of summer is humming along, we should have our Idiotic Syracuse season preview up soon (guaranteed to be 100% wrong!), but in the meantime, grab a cup of coffee and and hot beef sundae and let's get to some links.

This has been all over the internet, radio and TV for the last day, but the LPGA has stirred up some controversy by requiring its players to speak English. Here's my take - if you're watching the LPGA already, ask yourself how you got to this point and start reevaluating your life.

Moving on to someone else who doesn't speak English, Syracuse Head Coach Greg Robinson has not yet named a starting tailback, but Curtis Brinkley likes his chances. From what I've seen, if Delone Carter is healthy, he's the best option here.

I remember back in the days before the Internet (yes, those days existed) when I would eagerly await the Post Standard Syracuse football preview, I'd get that thing and pour over it like the Zapruder film, trying to glean as much information as possible and dream of ways SU could steal a National Championship. Flash forward to today - the preview available on the web - I no longer have visions of championships dancing through my head, but I do have a lot of reading to do, so start reading people.

A couple of stories worth noting, the Orange will face Northwestern's spread offense on Saturday, something they haven't stopped in 3 years. I'll have a few more things to say about this if we ever get that preview up and running. Speaking of previews and predictions, here is the Post Standard's staff previews for the year.

The Axeman had Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald (I think he's Italian) on his show yesterday, you can get caught up here.

ESPN has its best and worse case scenarios for every team in the Big East, you can read about Syracuse right here. I remember a day in the not so distant past when 6-6 would have everyone screaming for the coach's head, now it's a best case scenario.

SU linebacker Mike Stenclik has fought through injuries. When we has on the field last year, he looked decent - a history of concussions makes me nervous about his future though, those things seem to have a way of reoccurring.

Randy McKinnon is following in the footsteps of Donovin Darius - that's a pretty good role model right there.

Hoya Suxa has the first part of the SU football season preview posted. Here's hoping there's more to come, because frankly Matt Glaude is great at this whole blogging thing, and has been for quite some time. Here's hoping he has more time to write, we will all be better off for it.

Bud has 10 reasons why we should be at least curious about this year's football team. We've been curious, just not optimistic.

There is a brewing war between T3I and the Sport Hump, as they've chosen to rally behind freshman wide receiver Van Chew. Readers of this blog know we have formally adopted Chaz Cervino as our guy for this year - you can not stop Chaz, you can only hope to contain him.

In basketball news, there is now a date for Syracuse v. Virginia, Mike Waters expects the rest of this year's schedule to be announced in the coming week, meanwhile recruit Dion Waiters has been ranked in the top 20 in his class.

In baseball news, the Yankees hopes for a playoff berth are becoming not slim, but anorexic, as they got their asses kicked by the Red Sox last night, with A-Rod throwing up all over himself. To anyone confused, that's a golf term for choking - he didn't actually puke, that would have at least been interesting.

Meanwhile, over in Met-land, NY's JV team partied like it was 2007, blowing a 7 run lead and losing to the Phillies in extra innings. Mr. Met is most likely shooting meth right now.

Awful Announcing has the entire line up of broadcasters for this week's college football games.

Fox must be paying Michael Strahan well, because he's not coming back to the Giants, even after giving his ex-wife more than $7 million in the divorce.

I love Donovan McNabb, but I can't tell you how happy I am to not have to see Momma McNabb anymore. Those commercials were awful. Give me talking lizards any day of the week.

And I'll leave you with this AP story - weird people hang out together on the Internet.


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If you change it from Hot Beef Sundae to Hot Beef Sunday, it changes the meaning entirely from deliciousness, to the promo at local gay bars on sunday nights.

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