Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Tuesday Light Reading

Sorry this wasn't up sooner, sometimes the real world gets in the way of blogging - but hey, the real world pays my mortgage. Here are a few real quick links to check out.

Is this Donovan's last stand with the Eagles?

The Syracuse basketball team is kicking it up a notch, traveling to Memphis to play the Tigers on December 20th. Now everyone can shut the f*ck up up SU "not leaving the state of NY in December." I don't care if it was true, it was annoying.

Former SU point guard Adrian Autry joins the Va. Tech coaching staff.

Let's get caught up with Andy Rautins.

In football news, the Realests tell us the Syracuse bloodbath rages on.......don't we know it. I just feel bad for the kitten.

Here's the AP story Robinson coming under more fire. After this quote yesterday, I just want my life to be Greg Robinson free. Don't forget, there's still time to get a Greg Robinson Farewell Tour t-shirt - now available in blue and women's sizes.

Tom Dienhart of Rivals says the Orange were left red-faced.

The Big East is brutal. If Pasqualoni were still here, the Orange might be leading the conference - at least until they ended up taking an inexplicable loss to UConn or something.

Desmond Conner of the Hartford Courant explains what happened when he asked Forrest Robinson the question that lead to the mother of all G-Rob quotes (great headline Champ).

Dave Rahme says Greggo hasn't lost the ability to entertain.

Bud has some potential replacements......so do we.

Vince Young, here's how NOT to endear yourself to your fans and teammates.

And Curt Schilling - still a jerk off.

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