Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday Reading

Welcome to Wednesday people - for some, it's the middle of the work week, for new Raiders coach Tom Cable, it's one day closer to his inevitable firing. I can't even imagine what it's like working for Al Davis, but if my employer ever starts wearing jump suits and acting crazier than OJ at a card show, I'm outta here. Let's get to some links.

As we noted last night, with the Kiffin firing, Dennis Dodd declared the job unofficially open. recaps what has happened and Axe weighs in with more info on the situation as well, lending perspective in another excellent piece.

An interesting side note, I heard Chris Mortensen on Mike and Mike this morning talking about Kiffin, and Mort noted that there are some athletic directors across the country that are interested in him if they have openings. No schools were specifically mentioned, so speculate to your heart's delight.

Zach Schonbrun of the Daily Orange gives the whole Lloyd Carr situation a more in-depth look, if you've been living with your head in the sand and don't know what I'm talking about, get caught up here. What is most bizarre is that since the story has generated so much buzz, how come no one from the media has asked Syracuse officials point blank if Carr on campus? If he wasn't, an easy on the record answer of NO would put all this to rest, but that hasn't happened. As someone who has spent a lifetime working in PR, that speaks volumes to me.

The West Virginia kick off is a nooner. The game should be over by 12:15.

I've been overly negative this morning, let's look at a few more things the Syracuse football program is better than. We tip our hats to the fine fellows at the Sport Hump - well done fellas.

Why did this take so long? Who knows, but it's been a week since we've heard from him so let's kick back and enjoy Kenny, who loves him some fu manchu (video embedded at the bottom of this post).

Dark side reference - check, coaches in peril story - check, photo of Greg Robinson - of course.

Kirk Ferentz on the hot seat - compared to Greg, he's sitting on a cooler.

A.E.M. kicks out some sympathy for the Robinson family.

In baseball news, Brian Cashman was resigned to a new 3 year deal. There some who aren't too happy about this, which I find absurd. Cash took a hit this year to build up the farm system, which needed to be done. Keep stockpiling young arms and let's see how this thing plays out. With all the money coming off the payroll this year, it's going to be an interesting winter in Yankee-land.

The White Sox make the playoffs.

Any time a guy in London previews the baseball playoffs, I'm linking to it.

Peter King - racist? Since King is such a bleeding heart liberal, I'm sure that if that link ever makes it back to him his head will explode. Good times.

And I will leave you with this - if you're going to get arrested, a cow suit is an absolute must have accessory.

Here's Kenny:

And speaking of crazy and entertaining - here's Al:

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