Monday, November 10, 2008

Daryl Gross' Netflix List

There's a lot weighing on our favorite AD's mind as of late. Number one is the fate of embattled coach Greg Robinson. Daryl, I know you've been busy, so let me help you with some Netflix selections as you contemplate when to take action on Greggers.

Million Dollar Baby- Follow Clint's lead DG. Put Greg and us fans out of our miseries.

Old Yeller- ditto above

Rocky IV- Daryl, the lesson of this movie (besides the fact that Sly Stallone ended the Cold War) is that if you wait to long too take action (ie throwing in the towel), bad things happen (ie your best friend gets beaten to death by a roid-raging Russian after dancing to a James Brown tune). Don't wait Daryl.

Casablanca- "Greg, we'll always have Louisville."

Red Dawn- We think Patrick Swayze's guerilla tactics are behind the Lloyd Carr stories.


Brewsters Millions- Daryl, the premise of this movie is you have to spend an obscene amount of money and have nothing to show for it. A nice retrospective of SU Football during your reign as AD.

Champ, after 4 seasons of being a GRob-era season ticket holder:


Axeman said...

Very nice work on this one!


Timothy S. Lanigan said...

This scene just makes me pissed off at Russians......